10/06/2018–The Rhythm of a Limerick

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10/06/2018–The Rhythm of a Limerick

Limericks are one of my favorite types of poetry. I love their rhythm. They can be serious, sad, happy, glad, but mostly silly. Here’s one I just wrote…

I once knew a lady named Kelly,
Whose favorite food was plum jelly.
She’d sit in her car,
And eat the whole jar,
Then SMILE as she rubbed her full belly!

(Copyright October 6, 2018–Linda A. Wingfield)

When I was a teenager, I’d write a limerick to attach to every Christmas gift I gave the others in my family. I hadn’t thought about that in a while, but maybe I’ll do it again this year!

Does anyone have a photograph or drawing of a jar of plum jelly that could be posted along with this limerick? (It would have to be by you or someone you know, with permission to use it on this site.)

Thank you, Lisa, for the photo of a jar of your Plum Jam! Here’s a quick rewrite, to better suit the photo…

I once knew a lady named Pam,
Whose favorite food was plum jam.
She’d sit at her table
Eating all she was able,
With red tea, and green eggs, and ham!

(Copyright October 10, 2018–Linda A. Wingfield)

(Copyright 2016–PoppyBerry)

And now a tribute to the second photo–of your Apple Butter…

I once knew a guy name of Sutter,
Who usually only would mutter,
But when he ate toast,
He loudly would boast,
“Oh MAN, how I LOVE Apple Butter!”

(Copyright October 10, 2018–Linda A. Wingfield)

(Copyright 2017–PoppyBerry)

A Conversation with Lisa (PoppyBerry), who lives in the UK, that (grin) didn’t bear fruit…yet…

Lisa–Do you have any photos of your chocolate-covered prunes? How about anyone else…got anything to add? For every picture I receive, I promise a limerick!

I love the limericks Linda! I don’t have a photo of the prunes, they aren’t the prettiest morsels, but do taste rather lovely. I will be sure to take a pic next time I do make some! xx

Thanks, Lisa! I’ll look forward to it!!! Now I’m thinking of some interesting ways to describe something like that. 😆

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