A Vision of “Golden Doors”

In early October 2001, I had a dream that was very vivid, about what was just beginning to happen with the U.S. policies regarding terrorism and specifically the hunt for Bin Laden. The vision came in four parts. It was one of those dreams wherein you wake up, and when you go back to sleep, you reenter the dream–perhaps not at the exact spot you exited, but you know it’s the same dream.

In the first part, I was walking somewhere that had no shape, if you know what I mean. I don’t know where I was, or where I was going–all was just “plain” around me. I have no recollection of being in any particular place or time. Suddenly, though, I knew I was in the midst of stark terror. Fear was all around me, and there was wailing, and crying, and screaming, and general confusion. Still, though, there weren’t any faces or any places. It was quite strange. I just know that I was in the midst of terror. It wasn’t that I was terrified, myself. It’s just that terror was everywhere. I have later translated that as “terrorISM.” It was very real, and it was very strong. It just came at me in waves.

Just as I began to wake up from that part, I saw, in the distance, five bright lights in a row. They were quite small, but they were absolutely brilliant. Rays went out from them. They were still, but the rays were pulsating.

I woke up, tossed and turned for a bit, and reflected on what I’d experienced. Then I dropped back to sleep.

As I began to dream again, I saw the lights, closer up. This time I could tell that they were five rectangular shapes, all shining brightly, as if lit from within. I thought of them as highly-polished gold plaques, though I don’t know that that was actually what I was seeing. That was my way of explaining them in my dream, though. The light shining from them was quite obviously God’s light. There seemed no other explanation. They were not connected to electricity, and there was no sun behind them, and they were solid surfaces. There was no light anywhere else in my dream that could be shining on or reflecting from them. They had to be lit by God Himself.

In awe, I began to approach the plaques, though I don’t really remember moving toward them physically. Somehow, though, I was growing nearer, and they were getting larger and more magnificent. They were unmistakably from God. I had no doubt of that.

Suddenly, the first plaque on the left turned at a 90-degree angle from me. It was then that I began to perceive the plaques as five doors in an invisible wall. The first door on the left swung open. But it didn’t swing from hinges on the side. It swiveled in the center, then swiveled again. I was standing directly in front of the middle door. I was small; they were huge. The first one at the right swiveled. A few seconds later it swiveled again. Then, with military precision, every few seconds, all the way across the row, from left to right, each door swiveled open…then closed, until all five were again facing me, shining, just as they had been at the beginning.

In awe, I waited for the next thing to happen. As I was surfacing from that part of the dream, I had just begun to realize that there were words engraved on the doors [the flat sides seen after swivel #2, but not after swivel #4]. I wanted to investigate, but I couldn’t seem to actually touch them.

I woke up, and had to get up physically for a few minutes. When I crawled back into bed, I figured the dream was over, because usually, once I wake up that far, I can’t get the dream back again.

However, I fell immediately back into the dream. This time I was again approaching the doors from a distance. Again, it was as if I didn’t move. I should stress that I don’t believe the doors were moving, either. Yet somehow, I was quickly in closer proximity. Again, I was small, and they were huge.

This time, though, suddenly all five doors snapped backward–straight back–just a bit, again with military precision. Keep in mind that all this time, the five doors were shining with God’s light, continually. As I watched, fascinated, this time all five doors (after the initial step backward) began doing the same swivel move as before, except that this time, all five were moving together, precisely at the same time. I was looking at an array of five, shiny, closed doors one instant and the next I was looking at the edges of those doors as they all swiveled open. Then I would see the flat sides again, etc., etc., etc. As I watched, I realized that the writing I had seen at the end of the second part of the dream was only on one side of each of the doors [the flat sides seen after swivel #2].

So I saw that when I had seen the doors swivel shut after opening, in the second part of the vision, it seemingly was so that I could see that the other side was different, in that the writing was only on that side. I still was not allowed to touch or clearly see the writing. I sensed that I was not supposed to understand what the writing said, but just to understand that there was writing there.

That third part of the dream was, then, an overall impression of those five huge doors, swiveling in precision [presenting the front sides first, swiveling 90 degrees to the the first set of edge views, swiveling 90 degrees to the back sides, swiveling 90 degrees to the second set of edge views, then swiveling 90 degrees to the front sides] over and over again, until the rhythm was established in my sight. It was always the same–there was no degree of change whatsoever.

By the time I surfaced from that part, I figured there would be at least one more part of the vision, because it was pretty evident there was some meaning that was yet eluding me.

It was about 5:00 AM when I finally slid into what was to be the final part of the dream (it had begun about midnight). Interestingly enough, I could swear the dream actually took up the real time between when I perceived that it began, until it ended sometime after that last entrance. That’s unusual, I think, in that dreams usually only take up moments, rather than hours, even when they seem to go on forever.

As I entered “the place” (again, I have no perception of where or when this was all taking place, by any physical presence) there were the doors, of course. Again they were all shut and glowing. I was seeing the unlettered sides, I knew.

Suddenly they began a new dance. This time the first door on the left swiveled open. In its regular precision [swivel #2] it then shut, with the lettered side to me. When it did that, at precisely the same time, the second door swiveled open. Then the first door swiveled open, the second door swiveled to the lettered side, and the third door swiveled open. This proceeded across the row, until all the doors were flashing white and golden fire everywhere. I have never seen anything so awesome in my life! Whew! Each swivel produced the usual flash as it moved, but because each door was in an alternate swivel [door #1=swivel #1, all other doors still; door #1=swivel #2, door #2=swivel #1, other two doors still; door #1=swivel #3, door #2=swivel#2, door #3=swivel #1, door #4 still; door #1=swivel #4, door #2=swivel #3, door #3=swivel #2, door #4=swivel #1]. The flashes were continuous and nearly blinding.

Furthermore, as the sequence reached the farthest door on the right completing swivel #1, the whole brace of doors took “one precision step” backward. Then the entire sequence began again. Each time the series reached the farthest door, the rank would move backward a step. Thus, the glow and the flashing rays got smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, not stopping until they were again the complete row of glowing “plaques” I had seen at the beginning of the first part of the dream.

When I awoke from that part of the vision, I had the first bit of interpretation (October 2001). Since then the Lord has expanded on that early interpretation, as the years have progressed. All the updates I’ve received are documented after the first one.

Original Interpretation from the Holy Spirit
(transcribed from memory a couple of weeks after the dream, in October 2001)…

The terror that surrounded me was indeed terrorISM. That was pretty easy to understand, since it was so readily obvious, yet it didn’t touch me. I knew that I was not terrified, but I knew that the force of terror was there making itself known.

The plaques/doors were God’s instruction and definition concerning that terrorism. At first they were just a showing of God’s obvious strength and purity, and of his omnipotence, omnipresence, and every other “omni-” there is!

Then I was shown that there were definite instructions written on those doors, and that the doors had to be opened for the instructions to be made known. Not only that, but the doors had to be opened in strict rhythm and sequence, at God’s ordering. There were times when all the doors would have to be opened together or all shut together in unison. There were times when each door would be opened successively. There were times when they would be all open together or all shut together, but not from having started at the same time.

Furthermore, the doors must be opened and shut, in the order ordained by God, for as long as is absolutely necessary, until they can again be relegated to the distance and set into their shining stillness. It was increasingly obvious that nobody on Earth would be able to coordinate all this! It had to be God doing the organizing and the moving.

There was also the significance of my knowledge that these were plaques in the beginning, but they were obviously doors (by reference to their size, and to their opening) also. I didn’t think of them as windows, but as doors. At no time did anything go THROUGH the doors, yet the doors were obviously the WAY. So the way to the end would be through the doors. Yet the instructions were static, and engraved on the plaques, which I was not allowed to touch.

As I ruminated on these things, I wondered how it would all begin, and who would be involved. It was pretty evident that the military was deeply involved (by all that physical precision). From there, it was easy to understand that it would be our President who would be receiving the instructions from the Lord, then issuing the commands to the troops (both literally and figuratively) [as our Commander in Chief].

I received this vision after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and before President Bush gave his Christmas interview in the White House, to Barbara Walters in December 2001. During the immediate, early interpretation of the dream, I was made aware in no uncertain terms that God had already delivered the first set of instructions to President Bush, and that he was following those orders as he had been called to do. I assumed that that would mean that our President was aware of God’s calling on him in this matter.

However, during that interview with Barbara Walters, he said that though he definitely knew he was under God’s hand, and though he deeply felt the prayers of the people, he didn’t believe he had been called of God for just that situation (regarding Iraq). Though I personally believe he HAD been, I can see where God wouldn’t let him know that, because then the burden of that knowledge might have been his undoing.

I was utterly confident, however, that God will (at some point in time) be revealing to him (and probably to more than one successor) the things that need to be done, and that all WILL be done, in the correct sequence, and in the correct timing.

The fact that the vision took place over such a long time–physically well over five hours–spoke of the timing for the entire issue. This revelation from God regarding the terrorism cannot be hurried. The opening and closing of all the right doors, in the right order, and for the correct amount of time, will take (by my interpretation) years–probably multiples of five. There seem to be five sets of instructions, and there were five doors, and even though there were four parts to the actual vision, there was also the time of interpretation—a waking segment–five parts in all.

I’ve been trying to remember what significance five has in the Bible. I know that the fifth day of creation was the day the animals were created, but it was the sixth day that man was created. So perhaps the “five thing” has to do with the completion of a phase, and the entry into a new phase for man. I would think that’s entirely possible, given the prophecies regarding the end times that we already have.

I’m sure, of one thing: it has begun. The instructions are set into place. We have only to wait and watch, and to do what God calls each of US to do in the meantime, as the war on terrorism progresses–just as God has planned.

NOTE…At the time I typed this out so that I’d have a copy for the future, I shared it with my pastor and his wife, my husband, my mother, and my daughter Judi. I had no plans, at that time, to share it with other people. At each of the times of the review dates shown below, I had made the decision to share with at least one more person, as the Lord led. Before I sent a printed copy to any of those people, I reviewed the transcript for grammatical errors and/or points of clarity.

Reviewed December 25, 2015…

During the last 14 years, I know things have happened regarding terrorism, and even regarding things that I have been taught will be seen in the last days. If we have not yet entered the “end times,” then we are very close.

Reviewed June 2, 2016...

I just looked up the Biblical meaning of the number 5. I realized I had never done that before, and I don’t know why! I’m always looking up the meanings of things. At any rate, I was actually quite stunned to realize that 5 is considered the number of God’s Grace, as well as a number highly-connected to God’s plans. There are even connections to the military, and to God’s protection for His people.

Check out these websites for further information…

Grace in Torah (scroll down to the FIVE heading)

Bible Study–Meaning of Numbers in the Bible–The Number 5

You’ll find that they lay out the number 5 quite succinctly—only reinforcing to me that this vision has, indeed, a purport for us, of something enormous that God has in store.

As always, for me, at least, there is comfort and staying power involved in this vision. I can’t even begin to feel hopeless about an earthly situation, without the vision coming to mind. When it does, I always know that God is, indeed, working in the background, for a glorious known end. We may know parts of that end, but we don’t know it all. God does, and He WILL see it through, and it WILL be bigger and more wonderful than any of us could ever imagine.

Reviewed July 23, 2019...

Over the past three years, there have been more and more overt changes in the values of people not walking with the Lord–in the U.S., but also all over the world. Since I was given this vision, I’ve seen President Bush (the younger) leave the White House, President Barrack Obama elected and in office for eight years, and now President Trump elected and in office for nearly three years.

Many things have happened in the world, regarding terrorism, including the rise of ISIS. At this point in 2019, ISIS has lost its empirical presence, yet its leaders are still working behind the scenes, as are other entities that include socialist and fascist powers that are still building–worldwide–not just in the U.S.

This is nearly 18 years out from my dream/vision. I still don’t know the full interpretation, but every day, as I see and hear the things going on around me, I’m more and more aware that we are definitely in what the Bible calls “end times.”

I’ve often thought about the significance of the FIVE doors, and the way they would open and close and advance and retreat–always with that shining precision. Remembering (very vividly) the five doors, the five-hour timing, and the five actual parts of the sequence of visions, I’ve wondered all sorts of things about how that timing is working in the world in which we live.

Is each succession a five-year event? Are there to be four such events (with the differences I saw in each), and then a time of quiet, before “the end, until the second coming of Jesus?” Or…could the four events be four U.S. presidential elections and the following four-year terms (of which the fourth cycle is upcoming, in 2020)? If so, that would signal, possibly, a time of sifting, perhaps beginning in the year 2024, for another four years, and then…

That would seem the most likely, since the doors themselves always made the four-part succession (closed, open halfway, closed, open 3/4-way (regardless of how they all did that in whichever order).

At any rate, I know without any shadow of doubt that God is definitely still working and preparing, and that the dream/vision was definitely from Him and about Him, and it’s still a comfort to me…not something to fear. I will always know that it’s God Himself who is in control, regardless of what we might see around us that will try to convince us differently. It is God who is on THE THRONE. However, God chooses men to work for and with Him, even when they sometimes don’t know it or fully acknowledge it.

Right now we have a President in whom I believe, and whom I believe has definitely been put into office by The Lord Jesus Christ. I am waiting, still, to see what happens, and when. I’m trusting in God…no matter what.

Reviewed February 27, 2020...

This morning, I was awoken by a text message from my daughter Judi Francy, who asked if the “Doors Prophecy” had been typed out. I replied that it had, and that I would print a copy for her this afternoon.

As I reviewed the text and made a few grammatical corrections, I was again struck by the Hebrew meaning for the number five. I once again went and read through the links that I provided in 2015. I’m still in awe of the connections!

Also, just two days ago, I e-mailed my sister-in-law in Alaska, regarding living in hope, not hopelessness in these days that can seem very, very discouraging and scary, due to the socialist/communist types of agendas that are being pushed all around us.

When I wrote to her, I had NOT come back and read this prophecy again since 2019, but now I find it extra awesome that I have stated to her just two days ago, much of what I’ve stated in my reviews, here, since 2001. I love how God does that kind of thing!

Love you, Judi, and thanks for reminding me of this because “you’ve been seeing ‘DOORS’ everywhere, spiritually.” Love you, Kayla, and thanks for your love, kindness, and steadfast sister-ship.

NOTE…As of the review posted just below, just before publishing this to my website at the Lord’s direction, I’ve once again checked for grammatical errors. Others who have seen it before (sent to them privately) may see a few sentences here and there which have been better-written for clarity. Nothing about the dream/vision itself has been changed in the least. I can still see the images clearly in my head, and I will never forget them. I’m still learning about the symbology and interpretation.

Reviewed March 29, 2020...

When I reviewed the vision just a month ago, we had just begun to hear things about COVID-19, and what has resulted in what is now being termed a pandemic (worldwide epidemic).

Since that time, a LOT has changed in the perspective of just about everyone. There’s been a lot of panic (fomented by a lot of media), and there have been many changes made in societies all over the world, regarding the spread of the mutated virus.

As we are now participating in pretty much a worldwide situation of what is being called “social distancing” and many people are either working from home or are laid off from their jobs, and companies of all sizes are experiencing some extreme difficulties, we are receiving worldly directions from many health agencies, and from our city, state, country, and world leaders. Many of those leaders are Christian, but some are not, so the messages are mixed in interesting (to say the least) ways.

Over the last month, I’ve alternated between watching what’s happening, news-wise (from a conservative viewpoint), and watching apostles, pastors, prophets, evangelists, and teachers (what is generally termed the five-fold ministry) from all over the world come together to help believers in The Lord Jesus Christ stay strong, resilient, and healthy. (INTERESTING…there’s another FIVE…hmmm…)

There are several of those ministers of the Word whom I have been watching and listening to for many years, that I rely on for good, strong, information and foresight into the Word of God. I’ll list some of their websites and such, below–along with a few favorites from my daughter Judi.

First, though, I’m going to list some of the things that have been coming forth through prophecy and revelation for at least the last 1-1/2 years (not that I’ve necessarily seen all of these things DURING that time, but now I have–through watching and listening to the Word that has already been being proclaimed).

(1) God is opening doors. He is also shutting doors. This is generally being proclaimed as being a part of either getting directly ready for, or of actually entering into the time that is generally termed “end times.”

(2) God is bringing to His people the IMMEDIACY and CONTINUANCE of His presence IN us, by what has been originated and orchestrated by the Father (The Lord), through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son (Jesus),  and through the ongoing presence in and with us of the Holy Spirit (Christ). More and more people are coming to understand the power that has already been invested in us to overcome the powers of darkness, and that we need to be strongly USING the Word of God invested in us as believers.

(3) God’s GRACE is being taught (and understood) more and more strongly, worldwide.

(4) Now the recent coronavirus (now named COVID-19) has gotten a grip all over the world, and we’ve been seeing (and enduring) the different ways of worldly government to reorganize people and their ways of living, in order to combat the virus attack. On the other hand, God’s prophets have not been idle, as you can see by the examples below (and there are more…I just added a few choices here).

In a video published on June 4, 2018–“Reigning in Life Through Jesus | Joseph Prince”–Jeremy Pearsons and Joseph Price go through a five-day study about what the Lord is doing in His Church, and how the Body of Christ is learning to stand against FEAR, which is perverted FAITH. At some point in that video, the term “hotspots” is used.

In a March 4, 2020 video–“Joseph Prince Prophesied The Coronavirus in 2018”– Joseph Prince aired a clip from a previous video, in which he prophesied the coming of this virus meant by the devil to overcome the world and its people.

In a March 19, 2020 video–“Standing Strong Against Coronavirus COVID-19 with Kenneth Copeland”–Kenneth Copeland and the two newsmen with whom he was speaking talked about a recent prophecy that Kenneth had spoken at church on Sunday March 1, 2020, during which the Lord spoke about the dawning of a new day, with Jesus and the healing in His wings, and about “hotspots” popping up all over the world.

In a video made of New Creation’s Sunday March 22, 2020 service, which was shared online seven contiguous times during the span of 8 AM – 10 PM (EST) on YouTube on Sunday March 29, 2020–“Fear Not! Christ is in the Crisis”–Joseph Prince announced that even in Singapore, the government had just decreed no large gatherings, in addition to the already mandated 10-or-less social gatherings. During the sermon, he also spoke about “hotspots,” and what the devil has obviously meant for harm, and what God is doing during this time, to bring out an army of believers who are standing more and more strongly as they listen to God’s Word and walk in obedience to it. You can find the full sermon notes of the sermon’s broadcast, HERE, where you can also find links to purchase either the audio or the video recordings of the sermon.

(Alphabetically, by Last Name).

Nita Berquist (Website–Berquist Ministries International)

Curry Blake (Website–John G. Lake Ministries) or (YouTube–Spirit Word House)

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland (Website–Kenneth Copeland Ministries) or (YouTube–Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

Jesse Duplantis (Website–Jesse Duplantis Ministries) or (YouTube–Jesse Duplantis Ministries)

Steven Furtick (Website–Steven Furtick Ministries) or (YouTube–Official Steven Furtick)

Franklin Graham (Facebook–Franklin Graham) or (Website–Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) or (Website–Samaritan’s Purse)

Joel, Victoria, & Jonathan Osteen (Website–Joel Osteen Ministries) or (YouTube–Joel Osteen) or (YouTube–Lakewood Church)

Joseph Prince (Website–Joseph Prince) or (YouTube–Joseph Prince)

Jerry Savelle (Website–Jerry Savelle Ministries International) or (YouTube–Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

Judah Smith (Website–Judah Smith | Churchome) or (YouTube–Churchome)

Michael Todd (Website–Transformation Church) or (YouTube–Transformation Church)

Annalise van Rensburg (Facebook–Annalise.Van.Rensburg)

Johan van Rensburg (YouTube–Johan Van Rensburg Music)

Kobus van Rensburg, Jr. (Facebook–KobusKVR)

Petrus van Rensburg (Facebook–petrus.vanrensburg.52)

Annalise, Kobus Jr, Johan, or Petrus van Rensburg (Website–Spirit Word House) or (YouTube–Spirit Word House)

Todd White (Website–Lifestyle Christianity) or (YouTube–Lifestyle Christianity)

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