2020–Vision of Angel Army Shortly After November 3 Election Day

While I was agreeing in prayer with a prophet on YouTube, on November 4, 2020, the day after the U.S. Election Day process, the Lord showed me an amazing number of BIG angels coming in and forming a HUGE web over our nation (it may have extended in other places as well, since my understanding of all this at this time is that the whole situation is global, but what he showed me was the part being prepared here in the U.S.).

I believe that web was formed the night that I saw it happen, live (though it could have been there already, and God was just showing me how it had been put in place). At any rate, I know that it’s still there, in place–never moving–very still at all times, unless the Lord COMMANDS that it’s time for ACTION.

I was looking down at the U.S. in the vision. I thought it was a map, but then the Lord said, “You’re looking at the physical U.S.”

From the center of “the map,” angelic ranks began to form. First there was a BIG angel (wearing white and gold) in the middle. My mind was thinking something like maybe 10′ tall, when I first saw this begin, but after I had been made aware that it was the ACTUAL U.S. I was seeing, I realized that the angel I was seeing was towering over all the HUGE buildings. In fact, no building came any taller than his shoulders.

As I watched, ranks began forming outwards, to the count of a marching pace of “1, 2, 3, PLACE; 1, 2, 3, PLACE. So, in the center was 1 angel, and by the time the following first “grid” was complete, there were 8 angels squared around the center angel (the complete northern rank first, then the two at either side of him, then the complete southern rank), equaling 9 angels, total. Next, 16 angels squared around those 8 (the northern row first, then the additional column of ranks to the west, then the additional column of ranks to the east, and finally the southern row), equaling 25 angels, total; etc., etc., etc….all the way out to the edges of the nation. All of the placements were with great precision and very orderly (speaking to me of the military).

They filled up all the land, out to the coastlines and the land borders, as far as possible, in the squared grid, and they never went over the borders. As on a regular flat map of the U.S., I also saw Alaska and Hawaii down at the left-hand corner. They, too, were filled with the ranks of angels, to the most they could be filled, in their smaller areas.

When all of the angels were in place, the “even-numbered” north-south columns all took one precision step (backward) to the north, thus creating DIAMOND gridlines, as opposed to the SQUARE gridlines that had originally been created. If you think of a chainlink fence laid down over the nation, you can imagine those diamond gridlines. Thus, the “upward points” of the fence ended up in the north, and the “downward points” of the fence ended up in the south. After that single precision step backward, a white web that flashed gold, was laid into place over the entire gridwork. My perception was that the web was made from some sort of filament…perhaps like a fuse used for setting off things like TNT. Brilliant white fire then began playing along the lines of the web.

I’ve drawn a couple of pictures of the grid that I may publish here. They’re not fancy…just the basic grid…as it was after the initial fill was complete, and then as it was after the backward step was completed.

I know, that I know, that I know, that this HUGE web of warrior angels has been put in place over our country, at least, and is ready and waiting for whatever eventuality they have been sent to combat. It’s possible that it has also been set over other nations, or, indeed, the entire globe.

I’ve seen angels work, both physically and in the spirit, for many years (I’m 71 years old right now, and have been seeing visions, having dreams, receiving words from the Lord, and seeing angels, since I was two years old).

I have absolutely no worries about the true result of the 2020 Presidential Election, or of any war(s) that may result as God begins to implement His plans put in place already for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. That angel army is in place, ready to do what God intends Thank you, Lord! Hallelujah!

NOTE: This post was edited slightly for correctness and clarity, and posted here,just after I (as Grandma’s Gone Gaming) posted it (with some more specific references to what I was hearing) while watching an interview between Steve Schulz (Elijah’s Stream) and Johnny Enlow, early in the morning of December 11, 2020.

I believe this vision is directly tied to the dream from 2001 that is posted below…

A Vision of “Golden Doors”

NOTE: I’ll be using the COMMENTS, below (start at the bottom and work your way upward), for periodic reviews, as the Lord gives me further interpretation and revelation.

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  1. TODAY, I’m sending the link to this vision to Tim Sheets, who has posted the following video to the prophetic sermon he presented on Sunday, September 5, 2021, at his church. I was shouting and agreeing all through the video, and then when he came to the vision God showed him OF THE SPECIAL ANGELS…well…

    – – – – – – – – – –

    I would suggest watching THIS video, first:
    “Awake” (by Becka Shae)

    Then go to listen to the message by Dutch Sheets:
    “It’s Time for the Showdown”

    Then go back and listen to the song again…CAREFULLY…



  2. 05/29/2021–Listening to/Watching Amanda Grace giving a new prophecy from the Lord, aired on her Ark of Grace Ministries YouTube Channel.

    Part of the prophecy, near the end, deals with the center of the U.S.

    I immediately thought of this vision.

  3. Posting this link in a quick comment to Julie Green today. She was just talking about a tall skyscraper in China being shaken, and nobody seems to know why. There was no earthquake noted anywhere near there. Angelic warriors, I’d say!

  4. I’ve just been watching Brother Tim Dixon’s latest video (02/20/2021). In the WONDERFUL dream that he describes, there are two HUGE angels. I’m linking this page in the comments section (if YouTube will let me). Lately, links are being removed.

  5. Tonight I’ve been watching two videos with Tim Sheets, regarding his books about angels–both interviews being on ElijahStreams.

    During the second interview, Tim began explaining to the interviewer about the colors of the angels. It dawned on me that though I knew that WHITE is the color of purity, or redemption, I didn’t know what GOLD means.

    I looked it up, and found that (for one thing) both YELLOW and GOLD are usually used interchangeably in the Bible. Mainly, they stand for God’s Shekinah Glory, which means, “…the majestic presence or manifestation of God which has descended to “dwell” among men.”

    So these HUGE angels that are still in that grid all over the U.S. (and I’m presuming all over the world, since what we are facing is global, not just national) are here, not specifically for BATTLE (though I’m pretty sure their commander is Michael), but for the “REVIVAL” that is even now underway.

    I’m now seeing that this means that the “snatching” which I have been seeing, and the lariats being used all over the place, are the angels grabbing up the people who are RUNNING to the altars all over the place, getting born again, baptized in water, and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    See Sean Feucht’s 2-minute recap of what God has been doing during 2020, as “The Church Has Left the Building.” https://youtu.be/w7QvegFPHpU

    See what’s been happening at Mario Murillo’s “illegal” meetings in Bakersfield, California. The first three meetings were accomplished without the police invading or taking down the tent he’d been told he would NOT be able to erect, then he was GIVEN a tent twice the size of that one, and had two more meetings, at a different location in Bakersfield. The first clip is from a recent “Flash Point” (Victory Channel) show: https://youtu.be/xfYDmSG1N_o?t=1091 The second clip is Mario’s roundup of the first three meetings: https://youtu.be/TAOj5JvzF3Q

    I’m assuming that the angels will also protect the people running towards God, and fight the angels of darkness coming against them, in order to get at their targets, though with the amount of WARRING angels I’m hearing about from others, the protection and fighting may being reserved for them, rather than these angels who are administering God’s redemption and His glory.

    Either way, I know that they are still in place, and that their jobs are being fulfilled, every second of every day. They are tireless and totally loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ, and they will not leave until they are moved by God.


  6. I was watching Johnny Enlow speaking with Steve Schulz on ElijahStreams tonight. They were talking about the meaning of numbers, in the Bible.

    That made me think of this vision, because there are SO many numbers involved.

    First of all, there was 1 angel. Then 8 angels formed ranks around the center angel, thus creating a block of 9 angels. Then 16 angels fell into place, creating a block of 25 angels. Next came 24 more angels that completed a block of 49 angels. The next rank added 32 angels who then completed a block of 81 angels. So much, there!

  7. ALL of the angels in this vision were facing SOUTH. For a couple of weeks after I received the vision, they were totally and beautifully still. Now they are in action…have been for at least the last week. The action that I’m seeing their brilliant white and gold…lariats, I’d call them tonight, for lack of a better description (their weapons have changed on and off, but they’re always white and gold) are swinging out and capturing…in total military precision…just as the whole troop has been and done since the evening the vision occurred.

  8. I’ve just sent the following message by the e-mail address on Tim Sheets’ Facebook page:

    – – – – – – – – – –

    I’ve just been watching the video on YouTube entitled “Battering Ram Angels Are Striking.”

    On November 4, I received a vision of angels, as I was entering into intercession for the election process, with one of the prophets (I can’t remember which one…SO much prayer and decreeing lately).

    I documented the vision on my website…


    …which I immediately thought of, upon seeing the title for Tim’s YouTube video from today. As I listened to the whole thing, I saw similarities and one striking difference.

    I’ve been saying about the BIG angels I saw, every time I’ve checked into my spiritual photo of that vision that is ingrained in my heart, “…and…they’re still there!” This statement always comes forth with great joy and GLEE!

    Just now, watching the video by Tim, I realized, “…and now they are in ACTION!” Hooray! I’ve been waiting to see and hear that! I am even MORE joyful and filled with awe! Hallelujah! I know, that I know, that I know, that I know…that army of HUGE angels, is going to be right there, fighting the good fight, right along with us, at God’s behest.


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