04/01/2021–Joe Biden’s March 19, 2021 Fall on Airplane Steps

Regarding Joe Biden’s falling episode (March 19, 2021), the first thing that jumped out at me, was that there was only ONE person down at the bottom of the steps who even moved forward as if he MIGHT help. Then he stopped. That saddened me, because no matter what, people should NOT just stand by and watch someone get into that type of trouble. The video I watched had no audio, so I don’t know, but I do think it was possible that he might have TOLD people to leave him alone. Still…it was sad.

I had several initial thoughts about the pattern of falling (upwards). The first one was just a small stumble. Then as he “rose” higher on the steps, the next stumble was bigger, and the third one (about halfway up the steps)–though not totally catastrophic–was a full-on fall. The Lord did speak to me that this was about him not being legal, and that all of his climbing–due to its false premises–will NOT avail him the power he has always sought (and still is) seeking. It is NOT his God-given place to be the REAL President of the United States.

I also picked up two other interesting things:

(1) Each of those falls came at carefully-planned (by God) spaces (also…note that there were THREE falls). He had started upwards confidently, when “suddenly” (I’m always watching for God’s “suddenlies”) he fell. After that fall, he got up fairly well and began proceeding upwards, but in just a VERY short space of time, he “suddenly” fell again. The third time was also “suddenly” implemented, and he went down.

Later in the month, I felt that God was showing me that those THREE falls, and their SPACING. is at least somewhat prophetic of the progression we’ll be seeing (some already seen). The first fall was indicative of the stumble/fall, itself, I believe. The second fall (very quickly following the first one) was probably his first in-person Press Release on 03/25/2021. The third fall (exact timing not yet revealed) could be his final fall, which could possibly indicate death (which has been talked about so much, on BOTH sides of the coin…natural and spiritual, I mean…not political).”

(2) The other thing, is something nobody seems to have been addressing, when talking about the event. God specifically pointed out to me that he DID get up after that third fall, and he DID get himself (after a slightly shaky restart) into the airplane–WITHOUT the help of anyone else. To me, this means that at least VERY POSSIBLY, at the timing planned by God for that third fall (even if it’s palpable death), that Joe Biden will “suddenly” REPENT, and give his spirit/heart over to the Lord Jesus Christ. I KNOW (without a shadow of doubt) that God WILL give him a last opportunity–right to his face–if he doesn’t choose that option BEFORE his last moment of life on Earth.

So…I feel that God was saying–whether we simply see a huge turnaround or whether he actually passes away–that we will end up seeing the man in Heaven. I pray that that is so.

NOTE: Further revelations or information received from others, will be placed in the Comments below.

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