12/20/2020–Vision of the “Fabric of God”

12/20/2020–Vision of the “Fabric of God”
***Documented 04/20/2016***

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This vision was given to me during a regularly-scheduled, Wednesday-night prayer meeting at our church. It was shortly before our Pastor was set to retire, and there was some of the usual wondering about how things would play out with a new incoming pastor, etc. We had a short time of sharing prayer needs, and then we dispersed to prayer as the Lord led each person and/or small prayer groups to assemble, all around the sanctuary.

At the time, I was pretty much stuck in a chair over by the wall, as both of my hips were still locked into an advanced rheumatoid arthritis grip (11 months later, both hips were replaced successfully). I was sitting one chair away from the pastor, as we both began, separately, to pray. As the vision proceeded, I felt it was mainly for him, yet at the end of the session, I felt a check in my spirit about presenting it to him at that point in time.

I did tell him I had experienced a vision, but that I felt I should document it and then e-mail it to him, if he would like to have it. He said he would, and that’s what I did, the next day. I’m adding it here, because of the things that are occurring in our nation, and globally. I think this message is one others may like to observe. It’s encouraging and comforting, but also impelling, I believe.

As the people in the Bible study began to get up and move about while praying, and I began praying in tongues, I saw (with my eyes open) a very weird animation begin, out in front of me. Suddenly, the movement of the people began to slowly be horizontal, moving from right to left in my sight, and then beginning to “fall off” at the left side, in an arc that at least started to move back to the right again. That slowly-moving image kept repeating.

At first, all I could think was, “What in the heck is THAT?!” It looked so weird. Once I shut my eyes, however, even as I was trying to figure it out naturally, I knew it could only be explained by Holy Spirit, so I just relaxed and left Him to it.

As I kept watching, I realized that the horizontal movement was a huge conveyor belt. It started somewhere beyond my right field of vision, moved slowly to the left, then curved around the track it was on, to cycle back to the right. It never stopped. It just kept moving, and moving, and moving. I saw no actual gears or machinery, but it was definitely a steady, reliable conveyance.

As things got more defined, I saw that the people were fading in from the right, and as the belt traveled to the left, I began to see different groups of people being “sorted,” and as they were, they began to mesh together. Because I’ve had visions many times, I understood that what I was seeing was symbolic, and spiritual. In other words, there was something to be learned by the spiritual picture of the people I was seeing, and what they were doing.

I knew that they were people, and I knew they were moving together, yet not all in exactly the same manner. I understood that this was something that earthly people cannot do on their own, because these people were actually being pulled together in some way that wasn’t harmful or physical and wasn’t something that I knew could happen in a standard, earthly manner. They just were being very capably and beautifully “meshed.” It’s the only way I can think to describe it.

I realized, before long, that the “falling off” part at the left which had seemed rather vague, was because not every meshed group on the belt went exactly the same way, off of that huge conveyor as it began to move back to the right–presumably to pick up more of the same “materials,” to keep the cycle going infinitely.

Becoming more aware of what was happening as the people came off of the surface of the belt, I then realized that there were different textures and colors being created, before the belt began to curve back, underneath, and that as those meshed groups “fell off” of the original belt, they were sent easily, directly, smoothly, and harmlessly onto similar belts underneath the main conveyor. The smaller belts moved their “packages” out in a huge array of different directions.

I then began to realize that what I was seeing was the construction of some sort of fabric. Each piece started with the same set of materials–the people, the Word of God, and prayer! As each person was brought to exactly the right place to mesh with others who would be sent off on one of the other belts, that person’s spiritual color and texture changed to mesh with others who obviously were headed toward the same (or very similar) destinations.

As they moved along, the bolts of fabric, though begun in the same manner, became quite different–not just in color and texture, but in purpose. Some was quite coarse. Some was very fine. Some was almost netting. Other groups began to be woven tightly and strongly together in different sizes of cords, ropes, ribbons, or other types of bindings. Some of the colors were brilliant. Others were almost drab.

Each group, however, had at least an obvious direction, which I concluded meant that for each type of fabric, there was a specific, and yet-to-be-seen purpose.

All of this was accomplished to the rise and fall of the prayers being lifted all around the room. There was no big fanfare, and there were no individual triumphant rushes, or anything like that. The fabric just kept being created–obviously as was necessary for unseen ends, since it was never the same twice. There just was an abundance of it–steadily flowing off of that initial belt, onto the delivery belts, being folded and stacked and sent off to whatever mission was the right one. I had no doubt about that. What was happening was right, and good, and it was Holy Spirit who was in charge. It was peaceful. It was constant. It was consistent. It never ended. I know that it never will.

I knew beyond a shadow of doubt, by the end of the vision, that somehow, some way, God is able to do all of that meshing and purposing and sending, through His Word and through our prayers, He is doing it in our local church, but also from (and to) many, many others. Also, there are individuals who have never found a home church, but who know how to believe in God’s Word and stay in prayer, who are also being converted into these beautiful fabrics and cords. They don’t have to be in the same place physically. In the vision, I couldn’t see any person’s origin. They just were brought in, meshed, and sent out–in exactly the right way–for whatever God had for each of them to do next.

My Note to the Pastor, when I e-Mailed the Vision to Him…

Since I received the check in my spirit to share this with you first, at least, I believe that God the Father mostly wanted to show you, particularly, not to worry or try to figure it all out, but to simply dwell in His peace and just let Him continue to mix and mesh His people and keep that ever-so-necessary fabric of answered prayers going, and going, and going. I think he wanted you to know that you, too, are one of those people, who are being meshed and melded, and moved, and used, and that you shouldn’t worry about it. He has it all in hand, and whatever piece of fabric He is blending you into, it’s the right one.

It’s totally up to you and God whether or not you decide to share this with the group (or anyone else). I think probably we all can benefit from that same knowledge, and I’ll share it with others as I’m led, but I know you will either share it or not–depending on how Holy Spirit ministers to you.


I’m sharing this now, because of the circumstances that have been occurring–not just in the U.S., but in our entire world. I believe this is something we all need to realize and remember, even in the midst of the growing chaos that has been apparent since the advent of the “pandemic.”

Scriptures that I looked up about being “knit together” in Him…

Psalm 139:13-16 (Amplified Bible–BibleGateway)

Colossians 2:2-3 (Amplified Bible–BibleGateway)

Isaiah 44:2 (Amplified Bible–BibleGateway)

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