12/19/2022–The Pillow Case

12/19/2022–The Pillow Case

After unfolding a clean pillow case, I tucked an unclad pillow under my chin, and started pulling the case onto it. At the left, the case slipped on, and I pulled it up a short way. At the right, I couldn’t seem to make that happen, and started feeling frustrated. “What in the WORLD???!!!”

After several tries, I looked down at the end of the pillow, and realized that since I hadn’t yet put in my contacts, I hadn’t noticed that the folded pillow case had not UNfolded completely, on the side that I was trying to pull up.

Instead, the folded corner was stuck inside the open edge, creating a blockage. I had to pull the folded corner out of the open edge, THEN fit that edge onto the right side of the dangling pillow, and voila! The case climbed right up the pillow as it should, as I gave it the necessary tugs and shakes.

As I plopped the covered pillow onto the head of my bed, I heard Holy Spirit say…

“It’s this type of situation that catches Christians up into frustration about prayer, or other times when Godly action seems to be slow, and that things are just not getting done. The ‘pillow case’ is ready to cover the ‘pillow,’ but there’s something folded into a tiny spot, that needs to be addressed.

If people will stop tugging, just long enough to see what is needed in that tiny corner, and rectify THAT little responsibility, then We can accelerate the rest of the process like lightning!”

I perceived that this particular tiny “responsibility” is ours (the people’s), and that the “process and acceleration” are the Lord’s (note the capital “W” on the word “We” (the full Godhead).

One of those responsibilities that we might need to see to, is putting in our spiritual contact lenses, so that we can TRULY see what God is doing when His actions don’t SEEM to be showing forth. We also might need to fine-tune what comes out of our mouths, so that His Word is spoken, not the problems. Speak the Word! Don’t walk around gagged by and tangled up in the world system.

God’s not telling us we need to WORK to get the answers. He’s just telling us better ways to RECOGNIZE that the work is already in progress and to exercise PATIENCE, so that He can (as I once–MANY years ago–said, rather desperately, while praying AGAIN for healing from a very sore throat and cough), “…bring the manifestation of the manifestation!” At that time, also, He reminded me to SPEAK the Word over the affliction, rather than continuing to lament over it. Sure enough, when I got ready to SERIOUSLY talk to Him about it, and then we laughed over the manifestation of the manifestation, the whole thing that had been hanging on for DAYS, disappeared.

Just like that, the clean pillow case was snugged into place…once my eyes were seeing the REAL story…once my tongue stopped complaining in frustration…once I was able to see the tiny bit of further PREPARATION that was necessary. Glory to God!

Want a scripture to back this up? Here’s a whole LIST of them, that talk about “patience,” which was highly necessary in this situation!

Finally, Holy Spirit ALSO brought to my attention that the “…like lightning!” part of that message was REALLY important! How FAST lightning strikes is part of it. However, we also need to ask the question, “What does lightning do FOR the earth–and thereby for US?” This link carries an interesting article with some fun facts, as well as some serious information.

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