12/17/2020–Prophetic Dream

Prophetic Dream–12/17/2020
(Between 5 AM and 8 AM)

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The Dream: I was in a house that we were building (it was way out in the country), and I got hurt. The injury seemed to be in the area of my right knee, as if a nail or a very large splinter had been driven into it. I was able to get into my car and drive to a town–directly to a huge hospital–park my car, and hobble inside.

There were hardly any personnel inside, but the person who was behind the front desk took me to a large room with a bathroom, where there was a large tub filled with beautifully-warm water.

I gratefully sank into it, and before too long a doctor came in. He got into the tub, which I thought was even more strange, but he had his surgery tools with him, so I figured, “OK.” No words were spoken at that point.

[NOTE: at no time was there any nudity. I didn’t even think that way, but someone asked, so…just clarifying!]

Then I realized his skin was blue! While I pondered that, he started cutting a hole at the side of my knee, but his knife slipped, and he also cut into his hand.

As I watched, my blood flowed into the water, right where his blood flowed into the water. We both were alarmed, but as he looked at me, his skin turned pure white, and my knee was totally healed.

Suddenly, his stoic face lit up joyfully, and he hugged me with SO much love shining out from him, and thanked me over and over again, profusely!

He then helped me out of the tub, said I could go home, and that he had to go tell everyone what had happened.

I was confused, but also joyful. I tried to check out of the hospital, but there wasn’t anyone at the front desk, so I simply went back to my car.

As I got in, I had to move a sleeping child to the back seat, and scoot over a slightly older child, who seemed to want to argue about everything. I had no idea where the children actually belonged, but it seemed OK to just leave with them in the car.

I drove home, where our house had miraculously been completed while I was gone, so I took the two little ones inside–though I never picked them up to do so–to see if anyone owned them.

I know the fractious little girl was important, and there was something in the dream about her pulling out her hair…not all of it…just her grabbing handfuls as if to pull it out, during her frustration.

The little sleeping boy was still asleep, peacefully, once I was back in the house…with them.

As we entered the house, they were kind of just absorbed into it, and I began to wake up.

I pondered the dream for a bit, and then realized I had to write it down, so I did, and now you’ve read it.

My Ponderings: There are several things that have arisen in my mind…the BASIC ONE being that “I,” in this dream, am “The Church–those who have been born again, and know from where their salvation proceeds.” After that…

OBSERVATION: We had been trying to build the house on our own, but were struggling with it, and that resulted in my injury.

INTERPRETATION: God has given us the direction for our lives, and He knows exactly what that should look like. We, though, sometimes forget to pay attention to Him and His Word, and then things can start going wrong, and sometimes we get hurt, in one way or another.

OBSERVATION: Everything was in place to go to the hospital, and I went, but once there, the hospital seemed “all wrong.” Even at that, I didn’t object…just did as I was directed.

INTERPRETATION: When I was injured, I did not delay. I went seeking help immediately. That, to me, means finding the problem (and thus, the answer) in the Word.

Also, sometimes, even when we ARE following God’s direction, in our own thinking things don’t, somehow, seem quite right. Still, we need to be faithful to follow God and His timing, no matter what, trusting that He will guide us correctly.

OBSERVATION: I think the blue skins must have been on everyone in there, as I recall the lady at the desk had seemed strange to me, as well as the fact that there should have been MANY people there, and there weren’t.

INTERPRETATION: We often think we’re seeing everything, but there again, we may only be looking with our physical eyes, hearing with our physical ears, and feeling with our other physical senses. If we are looking through God’s perception, though, we can be confident that He will see to our well-being.

OBSERVATION: The “hot tub” seemed so strange, in the natural…”What???!!!”

INTERPRETATION: A “hot tub” can often be a community place of meeting–perhaps a place of healing, generally speaking. Being immersed in the water reminds me of the “washing of the water by the Word.” I’ve mainly been immersed in God’s Word, and intercessory prayer, for months, now.

Neither of these are strange to me, since I’ve been a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led Christian for about 45 years (I turned 71 on November 29, 2020). Still…these past few months have really been intense for me, spiritually. I’ve also felt not just my own tiredness, but the tiredness of those around me, quite actively, and quite often…thus the reason for the almost-constant intercession…often for people I’ve never met. So the “hot tub” was a place of healing for me, spiritually, as well as physically. This ALSO applies to the Church–as noted above–I know.

OBSERVATION: The blue skin (about this color) was very startling at first, and yet it didn’t bother me a lot. It was more like, “Wow! That’s weird!”

INTERPRETATION: When thinking on this, my mind immediately went to blue meaning Democrat, since we’ve heard/seen that comparison so highly-involved in our earthly setting for the past few years. There are plenty of other things, however, that blue might represent. One is sorrow. Another is a lack of oxygen. Yet another could be peace. Given the results with the blood, I would probably go for heavy, heavy sorrow.

OBSERVATION: The surgeon was intently involved in doing his job and helping me to be repaired.

INTERPRETATION: No matter WHAT the skin color portrayed, the fact that he started doing his job and I wasn’t afraid, means that he was sent there BY God, for my benefit (remember…”my” should be interpreted as “The Church’s”).

OBSERVATION: Even with the surgeon’s intensity, his knife “slipped,” surprising him, and causing some consternation to us both.

INTERPRETATION: The slip of his knife could possibly connotate the “leaked” things that have happened during these past six weeks, showing that the Presidential Election on November 3, 2020 was, indeed, rigged. This could have been causing the sorrow that was upon the man (not the surgeon part of him, but his inner man). Yet the slip of his knife might also have portrayed someone born again who had wandered off the path in his walk with God, causing him to sorrow and believe that he never could be right again. Either way works.

OBSERVATION: Our blood mixed in the water, which would more than probably mean that we both absorbed some of the other’s blood. As soon as he could, the surgeon went IMMEDIATELY to spread his renewed CLEANSING to the others who must also have had blue skin.

INTERPRETATION: As my blood flowed into his, and his skin turned white, I realized that the blood of Jesus washes us, spiritually, as white as snow. His utter JOY was so very apparent, and almost stark! So, also was the LOVE flowing out from him at that point. Just now, as I’m typing this out in narrative form, I also realized (with a hand-slap to my forehead) that the exchanging of blood is always a sign of covenant. All of these being true, it’s a sign for us, as The Bride of Christ, to REMEMBER these things, not be discouraged, be joyful, spread God’s love abroad, and be HEALED!

This is something the prophets of God have been saying for at least the last two months. I say that, because I’ve been watching and listening to more and more of them during that time, and it would seem there are more and more of them “out there,” because I’ve been watching and listening to prophets since I was born again, back in the mid-1970s, and I’ve never seen and heard so many before!

What they’ve been saying since before the Presidential Election this year, is that God is doing something VERY special right now…SOMETHING THAT WILL CONTINUE AND GROW. There are a number of scriptures that are being referenced as also belonging to OUR times (I’ll add some of those at the end of this discourse).

This is NOT just about our President, and whether or not he will have a second term, though that is part of it. It is about why our country was created in the first place, and why that is a GLOBAL thing…not just a national thing. It is for the CHURCH’s future, and it’s ALL about God’s will, and how He wants His Church to line up with that.

One of the things I have been noticing (and talking about) lately, has been that though our IDENTITY in Christ has been discussed a LOT over the course of at least the last couple of years, it has seemed to me that THAT knowledge has been being turned inward, lately, and made into a “ME” thing. That’s never what God intended. His intention has ALWAYS been that as we have RECEIVED our true identity as born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, that we TRULY evangelize the world. It has seemed to me that that procedure has become at least somewhat stalled.

God, however, is obviously already at work, reversing that trend!!!

OBSERVATION: I returned home with a precious cargo of children that I hadn’t had in the beginning of the dream, to a house that was beautifully built and completed, that welcomed and absorbed both the ever-sleeping child and the overly-frantic child into itself.

INTERPRETATION: The “kids” being brought home to their new home of peace, love, joy, and security indicates (to me–for one thing) the whole story of the sacrificed lamb. The Israelites knew they had to sacrifice unblemished lambs in order to cover their sins. They didn’t realize, when Jesus came, that He was to be their unblemished “Lamb of God,” who was to be slain for their SIN (their sinful nature…not just for their individual sins) once…for all.

On the other hand, “kids” are baby goats, not baby sheep. That’s another part of the Bible that could be (and is being) related to this time we find ourselves in at present.

Either way, those children–one who was asleep–one who was angry and frustrated–were brought into a beautiful, complete household, where peace abounded and all was well. This is definitely part of what God is doing in this day and time. We are seeing more and more churches (lower-case “c”) coming more and more fully into the Church (upper-case “C”), and seeing/understanding more and more of God’s Word and what it means to us, as God’s children–the kingdom of His priests.

Also, there’s the fact that God has been talking to the prophets about the lives of yet-unborn children who have been allowed to face horrible deaths by abortion. One of the things that the Lord is stressing, right now, is that these abortions need to be brought to an end. In this dream, I believe we see clearly that God has, indeed, welcomed those yet-sleeping babies, and babies who have even been torn apart, being brought gently and safely into His kingdom, and into His presence, where they live with all the peace, love, joy, and security they crave. We ALL need to be praying about this problem in our United States, but also around the globe.

IN SUMMARY: The whole dream portrays the very thing that others have been prophesying for some time, now (with more urgency over the past few weeks). What God is showing us, as Christians, is that we are to be DOING what He has called us to do, getting out of our “I can do it myself, thank you very much!” mold, and flowing His Word out to THIS nation and beyond. He has been telling us, through prophecy, that we should not be worried about, “What can I do, and where, and how?” because it is HE who will direct us, as we spend more and more time resting in and loving Him. We are definitely in God’s NOW time. Let’s get with the program, people of God!!!

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