11/04/2020–Vision of Angel Army

11/04/2020–Vision of Angel Army
(Shortly After November 3 Election Day)

While I was agreeing in prayer with a prophet on YouTube, on November 4, 2020, the day after the U.S. Election Day process, the Lord showed me an amazing number of BIG angels coming in and forming a HUGE web over our nation (it may have extended in other places as well, since my understanding of all this at this time is that the whole situation is global, but what he showed me was the part being prepared here in the U.S.).

I believe that web was formed the night that I saw it happen, live (though it could have been there already, and God was just showing me how it had been put in place). At any rate, I know that it’s still there, in place–very still unless the Lord COMMANDS that it’s time for ACTION.

I was looking down at the U.S. in the vision. I thought it was a map, but then the Lord said, “You’re looking at the physical U.S.”

From the center of “the map,” angelic ranks began to form. First there was a BIG angel (wearing white and gold) in the middle. My mind was thinking something like maybe 10′ tall, when I first saw this begin, but after I had been made aware that it was the ACTUAL U.S. I was seeing, I realized that the angel I was seeing was towering over all the HUGE buildings. In fact, no building came any taller than his shoulders.

As I watched, ranks began forming outwards, to the count of a marching pace of “1, 2, 3, PLACE; 1, 2, 3, PLACE. So, in the center was 1 angel, and by the time the following first “grid” was complete, there were 8 angels squared around the center angel (the complete northern rank first, then the two at either side of him, then the complete southern rank), equaling 9 angels, total. Next, 16 angels squared around those 8 (the northern row first, then the additional column of ranks to the west, then the additional column of ranks to the east, and finally the southern row), equaling 25 angels, total; etc., etc., etc….all the way out to the edges of the nation. All of the placements were with great precision and very orderly (speaking to me of the military).

They filled up all the land, out to the coastlines and the land borders, as far as possible, in the squared grid, and they never went over the borders. As on a regular flat map of the U.S., I also saw Alaska and Hawaii down at the left-hand corner. They, too, were filled with the ranks of angels, to the most they could be filled, in their smaller areas.

When all of the angels were in place, the “even-numbered” north-south columns all took one precision step (backward) to the north, thus creating DIAMOND gridlines, as opposed to the SQUARE gridlines that had originally been created. If you think of a chainlink fence laid down over the nation, you can imagine those diamond gridlines. Thus, the “upward points” of the fence ended up in the north, and the “downward points” of the fence ended up in the south. After that single precision step backward, a white web that flashed gold, was laid into place over the entire gridwork. My perception was that the web was made from some sort of filament…perhaps like a fuse used for setting off things like TNT. Brilliant white fire then began playing along the lines of the web.

I know, that I know, that I know, that this HUGE web of warrior angels has been put in place over our country, at least, and is ready and waiting for whatever eventuality they have been sent to combat. It’s possible that it has also been set over other nations, or, indeed, the entire globe.

I’ve seen angels work, both physically and in the spirit, for many years (I was born November 29, 1949, and have been seeing visions, having dreams, receiving words from the Lord, and seeing angels, since I was two years old).

I have absolutely no worries about the true result of the 2020 Presidential Election, or of any war(s) that may result as God begins to implement His plans put in place already for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. That angel army is in place, ready to do what God intends Thank you, Lord! Hallelujah!

NOTE: This post was edited slightly for correctness and clarity, and posted here, just after I (as Grandma’s Gone Gaming) posted it (with some more specific references to what I was hearing) while watching an interview between Steve Schulz (Elijah’s Stream) and Johnny Enlow, early in the morning of December 11, 2020.

I believe this vision is directly tied to the dream from 2001 that is posted below…


11/13/2021 NOTE: Since documenting the “Angel Army” experience, I have shared it with several other people, one of whom was my sister Cindi’s husband, a few days before he passed away. In the early morning after he had gone, I was sitting on the side of my bed praying for Cindi and David to get home safely from Sioux Falls, when suddenly, I heard Rich’s voice from just above my head, saying distinctly, “When you told me about those angels, you weren’t kidding, were you?!” As I laughed, he also laughed, and then was gone. Within minutes, I heard from Cindi that they were at her house, safe-and-sound, and that David was “bringing my angels back with him, that I had set around them to guard and keep them for the trip down and back.” I then told her about hearing Rich, and we both cried, but in a really good way.

Since THAT time, I have seen the angels moving and “snatching” things around them, with their white-and-golden filament…lariats! That was SO much fun to watch! I don’t know exactly what they were snatching, but I’m sure it was things that have been needed to help rid the world of this socialistic nonsense that is being fomented by Satan globally at this time.

They are not “MY” angels, by the way. I don’t think they were sent out like that by anyone here on Earth, either. These troops, I believe, were put in place directly by God, and they only move on His command. I DO know that they are still there. From the reports I’ve heard from other prophets, they have seen/are seeing them, also. Some descriptions I’ve heard are almost identical to what I have seen.

NOTE: In early May 2022, Lance Wallnau posted the prophecy Kenneth Hagin gave back in 1963, regarding what God showed him about a time yet to come. The way that his visitation/vision began, reminded me of the way this one began, with the Lord carrying Kenneth to a place above the earth, looking down at it as if it were a map, but it was the real thing!

I first “heard” the prophecy in the mid-1970s, when I took the RHEMA Bible College correspondence course. Back then we didn’t have online courses like there are now. Everything was mailed to me in printed form, and I had to return exams in order to get graded. It was a wonderful experience, even though I couldn’t travel to RHEMA from where I lived in California at the time.

During those same years, however, I did get to actually meet and hear Kenneth Hagin minister, at several of the Kenneth Copeland Victory Campaigns in Anaheim, California (just a few miles from where I lived in Westminster).  What a blessing he was!

Lance posted the prophecy in .pdf form, and it’s free to share.


09/06/2023–Tim Sheets Message from Sunday 09/03/2023
“Miracles of Great Deliverance”

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