10/23/2021–How Long, Lord, Must We Wait?

10/23/2021–How Long, Lord, Must We Wait?
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Though it has been nearly a year since the 2020 Election (in the USA) plus the previous year with the shadow of COVID 19 hanging over us, and with corrupt rulers all over the world trying to cancel the Church, take out Jesus, rid the world of “plebeians,” and set into motion a “New World Order,” it has sometimes felt more like five…maybe even 10…years.

At times many of us (probably most of us) have felt like the psalmist must have, when composing the following three psalms…

NOTE: Throughout these psalms, the psalmist talks about people spreading deceit and boasting against God, calling them (in Psalm 14) “…ignorant fools who continue to say, and act as if there is no God.” However, each psalm is interrupted more than once by comments regarding “the righteous,” which are the reverse of the comments regarding the “ignorant fools.” Finally, rounding out the three psalms with a precious note of hope, Psalm 14:7 is the psalmist’s prayer for the oppressed. This should be our “take-away”–the part that we can hang onto, because God’s will for His people never changes.

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Psalm 12 (Amplified Bible)

Psalm 13 (Amplified Bible)

Psalm 14 (Amplified Bible)

I didn’t research the amount of time encompassed by the contents of those three psalms. However, I can guarantee you that it was a WHOLE lot longer than what we have been going through for the past nearly 12 months since November 3, 2020. I can also tell you that the Bible does tell us that eventually that time period DID pass. Even without reading the Bible, we know that, by the fact that Israel is now its own nation–though there are still 28 countries who don’t recognize it as being sovereign.

All of this (which was being brought to God’s attention in those three psalms) was not the ONLY time that God’s people have had to fight for their lives and their nation, and you can see by the above article, that (even now) there are still battles to be won.

Tonight (though I’ve realized this for quite some time) it occurred to me that there are those in the Church Body/Bride of Christ who have NOT perceived this.

It has NOT just been since November 3, 2020. WE (the Church–in the USA, AND in all of the other global nations) have been fighting this LATEST (and, I believe) LAST battle FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME, OVERALL, as has Israel. We are part of the same picture, spiritually.

In actuality–since Jesus became evident as the unblemished Lamb of God who then became the final sin sacrifice, and who rose from the dead, therefore paying the price to buy us ALL back from the power of sin–we are now “bound hand and foot” WITH Israel, in their lifelong battle. God’s people (first Adam and Eve, then those under the old covenant/Old Testament, then those who have believed in Jesus and live under the new covenant/New Testament (which includes BOTH Jew and Gentile) have spent CENTURIES waiting for this moment in time.

I’m not saying this in order to complain. I’m saying this in order to encourage the Church to stand up AGAINST this spiritual enemy that is STILL working against God in the same old and evil ways he always has.

I’m saying this to remind people that GOD (our General) ALWAYS WINS. There is no shadow of turning with Him. He is, He was, and He always will be. We, then, as HIS people, will always be, also–whether that means we still abide here on Earth, or we go to be with Him in Heaven. He has stated that over and over again, to His people, and He has always proved out His Word. He is doing so again.

There should be, then, nothing but JOY for God’s people, ESPECIALLY in these days, where God is beginning to show forth more and more of His wonderful glory right here ON our Earth (that He made for us so long ago). Instead of worrying and being afraid, we should be spending our days in the joy of the Lord–worshiping Him steadily and strongly.

You might want to read Nehemiah 8 all the way through, for more understanding of this type of waiting. At the very least there’s a particularly pertinent word for us, right now…

Nehemiah 8:9-12 (Amplified Bible)

How long, then, must we wait? Stop worrying about any certain length of time. God isn’t!

ADDITIONAL NOTE (11/29/2022) (My 73rd Birthday)…

We are now TWO YEARS & a smidge more, past the 11/03/2020 U.S. election. I reiterate my answer above. ☺

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