How Are Dan Vasc’s Covers of Dr. Stein and Amazing Grace Linked?

How Are Dan Vasc’s Covers of Dr. Stein and Amazing Grace Linked?
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Though Helloween’s lyrics seem dark, nearly every song the band (even through many changes over the years) has written, has very meaningful content. Dark stories are told, with warnings, and then “the way” is shown, with the focus on LEAVING the Dark, and ENTERING (and then staying with) the Light. They also go on to explain the power that is gained once the Light has been recognized, in the life still lived in this world where Lucifer (named in several of their songs) tries to hide the Light from all in many devious ways.

If you’ve never heard any of the band Helloween’s music, you can check out the lyrics for their 1988 album, “Keeper of the Seven Keys II” (which contains the most current version of Dr. Stein), HERE.

Dan has chosen to cover the following songs in his HELLOWEEN PLAYLIST:
“Dr. Stein”
“I Want Out” (with Tim Hansen)
“Pumpkins United”
“Future World”
“Ride the Sky”
“A Tale that Wasn’t Right”
“Eagle Fly Free”
“March of Time”
“I Want Out” (Dan Vasc solo)

One of the songs he has NOT covered, is “Save Us.” (You can find the lyrics for that song, in the album link, above.)

On the other hand, for Easter 2022, Dan chose to sing a hymn, written by a man who had LIVED OUT the lyrics of the HELLOWEEN songs, most of his life, until he finally DID look toward the Light, walk into the Light, and then write his own story about the “Amazing Grace” that he found there.

You can find out more about that, if you take the time to read about John Newton’s life (that also impacted William Wilberforce, who was the man who worked so very hard, in England, to stop slavery). (There are other articles that pertain to “Amazing Grace,” linked within THAT article, on CBN.)

(UPDATED INFORMATION–11/04/2023)The link that sent  me through this research, WAS (until the morning of 11/01/2023) on the end screen of Dan’s “Amazing Grace” where the music starts playing again. There’s a screenshot of it below. It used to be that if you went to the link on the left, you could click on the “Dr. Stein” cover photo, and go to that song. Even now, if you click on Dan’s photo in the middle, you can see the close-up version. Notice that his eyes are in shadow. One thing I tell people all the time, about “Amazing Grace,” is to WATCH DAN’S EYES very carefully, as he climbs up the ladder of discernment throughout the song. The third “button” on the end screen USED TO take you to Dan’s version of “Adeste Fidelis.” Since 11/01/2023, it has been changed to a photo of, and the link to Dan’s 2023 Halloween offering: “The Number of the Beast.”

Both “Dr. Stein” and “Adeste Fidelis” were published in 2022, for the Halloween and Christmas offerings Dan presented, BEFORE we got to his “Amazing Grace” offering for Easter 2023.

All who have become Dan’s faithful followers, know that Dan is Brazilian. However, not everyone knows that the Brazilian official language is Portuguese. Dan generally differentiates his native language from the original language, by calling it Brazilian Portuguese. I asked one of my newly-favorite reactors (MP Reacts), “Miguel, since you live in Portugal, can you explain to me the difference between “Portuguese” and “Brazilian Portuguese?” He explained that it’s like the difference between British English and U.S. English. There are a few different words, entirely, but mostly it’s a matter of “inflection.” For instance, we here in the U.S. might talk about (and eat) cookies with our coffee, whereas the British may talk about drinking tea while snacking on biscuits. That makes US think of the leavened biscuits that we make to go with a meal, but to THEM, they are picturing what we think of as cookies. Aha!

That reminded me of the fact that the song “Adeste Fidelis” was originally written in…Portuguese! Dan would have grown up with that song in Brazil, since his mother sang in the choir at their church. Here’s the link to THAT version (with lyrics and LOTS of history). You can follow along with the FIRST verse in Dan’s version, if you have that link open, Other than that, the verses are not the same. If you live in the U.S., you more than likely are familiar with the song we call, “O Come All Ye Faithful.” You can find the lyrics to THAT version, at

All of the above, brings me to the final connection/link with these three songs. First of all, every time I had previously seen that end screen and noticed that “Dr. Stein” was referenced on the left side of the screen, I had shied away from going there. Then I heard a music reactor (I can’t remember which one because I’ve watched literally hundreds of reactions, now) say, just offhand, as he was exiting, “Hmmm…wonder why he chose to put a link to “Dr. Stein” there?! That seems weird!”

Suddenly, I was curious, also! It took me a few minutes to actually press that button and go to hear the song, because I really didn’t want to know if it was something like a song in praise of the devil. I should have known better, because I have diligently looked into nearly every one of Dan’s covers, now, and have found biblical references (and/or references to the things people should take LEAVE of) in almost every one. Plus, I have gone through most of the Fearless album, “Chronicles of Ancient Wisdom,” and found all the scriptures that are buried in five of the 12 tracks, and followed the story, that actually contains entries that look like they are from some of the “other” books from the old covenant (for instance there are several references that seem to come from The Book of Enoch).

Once I started listening closely to “Dr. Stein,” I was at least put at ease, regarding it being totally an “evil” song, in itself. It’s when the song came to the lyrics about “…his computers…” that it HIT me! Who do we know, in this day and time, looking back into..the 1980s…who is one of the HUGE instigators of all the stuff we, here in the U.S. are living with right now, and that Dan and his family, as well as people all over the rest of the world, have been living with for much longer?! Bill Gates (and many others connected with him)!!!

If you know anything at all about that man, you know that he is HIGHLY linked with all of the others promoting Marxism in OUR part of the world, along with all the other places where it has already been in power for many years. Most of you are probably also aware of the part he has played with the recent/still being perpetrated worldwide “pandemic.” If you don’t, then listen again to the Dr. Stein lyrics, regarding DNA, and look up the word “skina,” while you’re at it. You might also want to search out the kind of food Gates has pushed, not to mention the fact that he talks a lot about robots, and I’ll let you look further into that on your own. Yes…I know that Dr. Stein was published in 1988, but that only strengthens the fact that those were the years that Gates was beginning to push his non-biblical ideas, and his “solutions” for reducing the population on Earth.

It was after seeing THOSE things in the lyrics of “Dr. Stein,” that I began looking down through the other HELLOWEEN lyrics, and saying, “Thank you, Lord! You have just proved to me where Dan TRULY stands in his faith. Forgive me for any doubt I held–even that very tiny bit!” Glory to God and Hallelujah!


Check out “Breaking the Silence,” Reel that Dan made (which does NOT directly refer to “older, heavyweight women who have possibly dyed their hair blue,” as some of those very people have imagined because of his use of the terms “blue-haired landwhales and wimps”) right before the music starts to play. Then listen to The Whole Song.

NOTE: If you search for that “colorful term” online, you will find a whole BUNCH of possible definitions, according to a lot of different opinions, and only one of those “trending terms” refers to the above description. Plus, if you’ve watched Dan’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” then watched his video called, “An Apology” from a few days later, you’ll understand what he means by the term “wimps.” Considering the fact that he CLEARLY states that what both he and Erik (who is Swedish, just as is the writer of “Dr. Stein”) are talking about as “Breaking the Silence,” is standing against “the woke crowd,” and not giving in to the things they want to say that we HAVE to give in to.

At that point, you might also want to listen to Dan’s cover of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.”

You might also want to check out this instagram post that Dan posted on July 9, 2023.

You can now ALSO watch the video he announced in THIS post, from October 9, 2023).

“The Number of the Beast” (Posted 10/31/2023)

I’ve made a TON of comments on that video, regarding the words and presentation of the song (BOTH OF WHICH I LOVE).

I’m Grandma’s Got Grace on YouTube (I’m also Grandma’s Gone Gaming, but those comments are by Grandma’s Got Grace).

My thoughts are now straying to: What will Dan present for Christmas 2023, and what will he then present for Easter 2024? I can hardly wait to find out!


What Dan published for Christmas, was his and Victor’s WONDERFUL arrangement of “O Holy Night.”

We also know that Dan has announced what he’ll soon be publishing, that looks like it MIGHT be considered his Easter offering, since Easter is on March 31, 2024, and the 26th anniversary of the song is March 23, 2024.

That song is: “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. I can hardly wait!!!

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