09/07/2021-Such Great Faith

09/07/2021–Such Great Faith

Matthew 8 (Amplified)–
Includes Healing #1, Healing #2, Healing #3, & Healing #4

Healing #1…Verses 1-4

NOTE: Jesus hadn’t yet been been crucified, hadn’t risen, and hadn’t presented Himself back to the Father. The people were still under the Law and the Commandments. When Jesus HAD done all of those things, He FULFILLED the Law and the Commandments. Today, we HAVE His touch, and Holy Spirit saying, “I am willing; be cleansed,” every moment of every day. IT IS DONE (Check out 1 Peter 2:24, for one).

The man who had had leprosy in this accounting, would not have been allowed back into society, just by the healing spoken by Jesus, who knew that. So Jesus, told the man not to stop and tell ANYONE what had happened, before he got the approval of the the priest.

When the Bible talks about our salvation–our “sozo” and our “iaomai”–our healing: spirit, soul, body, financially, and socially (link refers to my article “08/20/2021-By His Stripes”)–it says, “Only believe.” This is tantamount to our RECEIVING the healing that has already been provided for us and to us, through the body and shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Who is our HIGH PRIEST, today? Jesus is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and He reigns over us–a kingdom of kings and priests–as our HIGH PRIEST.

If we are healed by HIS power (which we are), then we have nowhere else to go, to present ourselves for approval. God, Himself–FATHER, SON, & HOLY SPIRIT)–has already given His approval. Period. He WANTS us to BELIEVE, walk in this, and stand, every moment of every day in what He has already done for His children.

Healing #2 (Such Great Faith)…Verses 5-13

Healing #3…Verses 14-15

Healing #4 & Beyond…Verses 16-27

NOTE: Check this out! The Hebrew word that we know as “healed” (in Isaiah 53:5 and other places throughout Isaiah 53) = רָפָא (transliterated to rapha)

Further Healings…Verses 28-34

A Question on Which to Dwell–

WHY was Jesus asked to leave? Think about it. Also reflect on the fact that still, today, when these types of healings are reported–being accomplished by God’s people who have been SENT OUT TO DO THESE THINGS AND MORE–there are people from the surrounding regions who do exactly the same thing. In this particular day and time, it’s more than that. Christians are being hushed up as much as possible.

If you ever present healing in the ways shown here, and more ways that the Bible explains, don’t be surprised if even your church tries to send you away, and…DON’T GIVE IN! Be the hands of God, here on Earth, and watch the increasing ways in which God Himself is getting involved with us, right here on Earth. We are in a wonderful, exciting time–right now–right in the midst of what the WORLD is doing, walking AWAY from God’s power (or trying to send HIM away, as shown above).

Always remember that we were MADE to walk with God, IN SUCH GREAT FAITH!

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