07/01/2021–“Crazy” Dream

07/01/2021–“Crazy” Dream

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I had a crazy dream, about noon, just before waking for the day.

I seemed to be IN a calendar page. My only responsibility seemed to be to daily put the correct, very large, character-etched markers onto the correct space on the calendar, for each day, AS the days were being lived. I believe the markers were large 3D figures of Hebrew letters.

There was conversation and movement involved, that seemed like the buzzing of conversation in a large crowd. There WAS a crowd, and there was a mountain, or possibly a large, squarish building, in which the crowd was milling. When I would begin to place a character, sometimes I was gently corrected and led to a different character piece, which basically looked the same, to me, but the differences were explained, as necessary. As that happened, I would be able to easily ascertain the differences, and correctly place the expected figures into the correct spaces which had been created for ONLY each successive figure.

As I awoke, the task seemed to be complete, at least for the moment, and I heard a strong, clear voice say, as an announcement to the crowd, “It has begun…wait for it…” like when someone hesitates just a bit before pronouncing the punchline of a joke.

As I sat up, I was laughing at the overlapping of “sense and nonsense” of that phrase, but very happy about it.

My sister and I are working on interpretations. She has been studying the Hebrew language. In one of the photos she sent me by cell phone, I noticed a line that said, “Always look for the etnachta,” which apparently is a character symbolizing a slight pause, as with a semi-colon, or even an ellipsis. You can find this information on the Wikipedia page: Etnachta.
 ֑ [etnachta]     ; [semi-colon]     [ellipsis].

This is interesting, since that’s how those final words in the dream are said.

Other than that, I don’t know that any particular character in the set I was dealing with and placing into the calendar blocks was significant. I think the whole point of the dream, was the punchline, “…wait for it…”

In other words, there are things the Lord has been planning, even as we have been waiting. The calendar itself would seem to represent just that…days, and days, and days, on end–which could have a huge number of meanings to an even more huge number of people in general.

As with a punchline in a joke that gets that “…wait for it…” pause added, it is assumed that we will have some hints about possible answers, though what any soon-coming answers will be, just MIGHT catch us a bit off guard, and probably make us laugh (or even groan) in appreciation.

If the Lord gives me any other interpretation(s), I’ll add appropriate comments.


I just decided to make this dream my Grandma’s Got Grace video for Monday, 06/12/2023–nearly two full years from the day I woke up from the strange dream. Since that date, there have been MANY times when I’ve gotten the same impression. I’ve also recognized many times when eventually an answer appeared, that I recognized as the ending of the “etnachta” spaces. There have been others for which the answers are still “up in the air.”

I’ve been recognizing that these are times to dwell in excitement–not worry. Think of it as the phrase, “Just wait!” that parents often use when their children get impatient to know what a coming surprise is. There should be an expectancy in our hearts when this happens–not a disappointment!


~~~ An Appropriate Scripture ~~~

Psalm 27:14 (NKJV)

Wait [in faith] on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!

Read this verse in the Interlinear Bible at biblehub.com

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