05/09/2021–Ancient of Days

05/09/2021–Ancient of Days

At church on Sunday, May 9, 2021, just before the service was over, I saw a vision of an old, old man with a long, white beard.

I immediately thought, “Oh! The Ancient of Days!” and I jotted it down.

At home, I looked up the “Ancient of Days,” which shows up in the book of Daniel. Here’s Daniel 7, which is where the Lord pointed me once I was at my computer.


Very interesting!

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  1. Tonight I have been watching the newest conversation between Steve Shultz and Johnny Enlow (on Rumble, since their conversations have become too controversial to suit YouTube).

    The video on Rumble is here:

    Here’s what I wrote, after a day full of delays getting to watch that video:


    I’ve been trying to get over here to Rumble all day, to watch yesterday’s interview. Along the way, there have been a LOT of things Holy Spirit has shown me to watch, listen to, and absorb, from a number of sources (including YouTube). About two hours ago, when I still hadn’t been able to get here to Rumble, the song I’m linking just below popped up in my suggestions. It’s brand new, by Shane & Shane. I think you may be amazed by it, in context with what you’ve been talking about here (I’m only at the 11:33 AM point on Steve’s clock at this point). I finally took a few minutes to go get the link for the song, which is called…

    “You’ve Already Won” (by Shane & Shane)

    As I’m just finishing watching the entire interview, the Book of Daniel and “The Ancient of Days” has been the topic. That reminded me of a nudge Holy Spirit gave me just under a year ago, on May 9, 2021…


    – – – – – – – – – –

    I actually ended up having to repeat that whole statement on Johnny’s & Elizabeth’s Facebook page, because I wanted to add the last part on Rumble, and there wasn’t any way (that I could figure out) to do so. I don’t understand a lot about how Rumble works. Anyway…I hope that Johnny gets to see the comment, because I think that it will give him confirmation about what he was saying.

  2. I just went back to listen to the sermon that was spoken by our (then very new) pastor. He had begun teaching in John 1:1 for his first sermon with us, and this sermon (his second one with us) started at John 19.

    As he got to 1:02:47 in the linked video from that Sunday, he said, “Don’t neglect this time. ‘Today is the day of salvation,’ the Lord said. Today is the day of salvation,” as he was issuing a call to the altar. It was as he began to pray over the congregation and the singers began a song of worship, that Holy Spirit showed me the very clear picture of “The Ancient of Days.”


    I had never really connected that very moment, and what was said right then, but now I understand it.

    More than that very moment being a time to come to the altar and grab salvation while the time was ripe, it was our current space in God’s events calendar, that He was highlighting to me.

    Since that day and time, I have become increasingly aware of this very thing, but when I listened to Johnny Enlow explaining the last part about the scripture that I linked above, a year ago, a whole lot more revelation hit me in the face. Thank you, Holy Spirit!

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