03/23/2021–An Interesting (Unfinished?) Dream

03/23/2021–An Interesting (Unfinished?) Dream
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I awoke at 5:14 AM, from a dream that involved about 30 people (including myself) in a room together. They seemed to be having some sort of a meeting about an important decision. Everyone was wearing green.

I don’t believe it was either an environmental thing or an Irish thing. I got the impression it was a “Green is for Go” thing.

As I sat up, I knew I had to write down something everyone in the room had just been saying. I remember they all nodded their heads, as I actually said that out loud. Immediately, I grabbed my phone and started to make a note, but I got interrupted by my husband who had also just awoken (at exactly the same time, as we discussed later), and we started to talk for just a couple of minutes about something else.

As he returned to bed, I tried to remember what had been said by all of the people in the room, or at least its actual significance. I did remember that I was happy, and as I began to sit up, I had said, “Oh! That’s cool! I’ll write it down, Lord!” (which was when the people all nodded their heads).

After a few minutes, I headed back to bed for another couple of hours, hoping the dream would return. In the meantime, I was left feeling joyful, peaceful, and hopeful. I did sleep longer, but the dream never returned.

The next time I woke up, it was time to begin my day, and I had received nothing further. However, I read back through what I had written earlier, and suddenly realized, “Oh! Perhaps ‘Green is for Go’ WAS the message!'”

I’ve been waiting for further direction from Holy Spirit. We’ll see what He does in this regard!

NOTE #1 (02/08/2023)…
Generally speaking, there have been a LOT of things that I’ve seen happen during the last two years, that would definitely be examples of people getting on board with God’s people starting to GO when God calls out to them, to do so.

On a personal note, it was probably about six months after this, that Holy Spirit started working on me to create a second YouTube channel, in order to speak out and present God’s Word publicly, in ways that might attract persons other than the usual, “Let’s go to church today!” groups, while also attracting the people IN those groups, who possibly have been feeling a bit “down,” or even “scared,” in these rather troubled days, around the world.

I have FINALLY given in and started “Grandma’s Got Grace,” though it took me well over a year to even finally decide on the NAME for the channel–much less what I should actually share! He finally got through to me that I have (as HE put it) a “treasure trove” of words that I’ve written out here on this site, that I could verbalize on YouTube, without having to put a camera in front of my face (which I REALLY did not want to do).

If you happen to be either READING this or LISTENING to it, and are someone who is ALSO waiting for God’s “green light” on something, keep listening to Him for hints. He’s really good at giving those! (However–that’s another story.) 😀


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