03/12/2021–The Veil and The Blood

03/12/2021–The Veil and The Blood
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While listening to the song “Hallelujah to the Lamb” (by Don Moen) very early this morning, I shut my eyes for a few moments, to worship.

As the second line in the chorus, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! By the blood of Christ we stand!” was sung, suddenly, right in front of me (in my inner vision) there was a CURTAIN of “the blood” pouring down.

It wasn’t DROPS of blood. It wasn’t a RIVULET (a small river). It was a full on WALL of blood, flowing downward in a perfect curtain–never stopping–never interrupted–never failing.

I opened my eyes, grabbed a piece of scrap paper, and started writing. As I got to the point where I had just written the previous sentence, I realized…

THE VEIL (Exodus 26:31-32) (Matthew 27:51) (Mark 15:38

The Veil of the Temple, which was set in front of the Ark of the Covenant, was accessible (in Old Testament times–before the death of Jesus on the cross–before the veil was “torn in two” at that time) only by the High Priest–once a year, for the atonement of sins for himself and the entire nation of Israel. (Leviticus 16)

As you can read in the links above, and more specifically in Matthew 27:50-54, the Veil of the Temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom, at exactly the point in time that Jesus spent his last breath on the cross at Calvary.

THE BLOOD (1 Peter 2:1-10)

It was EXACTLY at the time the Temple Veil was rent, that a DIFFERENT veil was put in place–THE BLOOD OF THE PERFECT SACRIFICIAL LAMB. (Hebrews 10).

Since that time, those who have accepted Jesus as Lord (He was the sacrificed Lamb), have been made a “kingdom of priests,” and our way to the “shekinah” of the Lord is secured simply by walking into/through that CURTAIN of BLOOD that gives us that privilege.

This isn’t a new story to me, or probably to most of you reading this. It is, however, the first time that I have actually SEEN the blood poured out for us by Jesus as the NEW veil of the temple! It explains more fully (to me, at least) why the blood of the man form of Jesus was shed as the final, perfect sacrifice that can never be changed.

Once we have received that blood, shed for us, THAT IS STILL RUNNING, AND RUNNING, AND RUNNING DOWN, FORMING THAT VEIL that protects the Ark of the Covenant, we are totally free, AT ANY GIVEN TIME (indeed, ALL THE TIME), to access that “shekinah”–the glory cloud of God that covers us and protects us at all times. There is, therefore, no separation…none at all…from the fullness of God–the Lord (Father) Jesus (Son) Christ (Holy Spirit). Not only is there no separation, but nothing CAN separate us from Him. PERIOD. Once we run THROUGH that curtain of the blood shed by Jesus on the cross, letting it cover us completely, making Him our Savior, we should be living with total confidence that what He has already promised us, He WILL provide. (Romans 8:31-39)

BONUS…Here are two views of a photo taken by my brother Gary Minish, in 2015. The waterfall is Bridal Veil Falls, in Keystone Canyon, on the highway between Valdez and Anchorage, Alaska. This waterfall isn’t as dense as the falls I saw in my vision, but all the while I was writing this, I was reminded of this very special place in my 71-year-old memory (I grew up in Valdez). Be sure to scroll down to read Gary’s descriptions, and click on the “expand” button at the top right corner of the photos, to see more pixels per inch.

The rainbow in the photos reminds me of God’s promise after Noah’s experience with the Ark.

Thunder and Light

Rainbow Bridge

04/15/2022 Edit–After you view the two photos, and read what Gary has to say about “The River,” you might want to listen to the following song, beautifully presented by one of David Wesley’s virtual choirs.

Enjoy! 😍

IMPORTANT NOTE: As usual, I’ll be adding ongoing revelation about this vision, in the comments below. 😀

6 Replies to “03/12/2021–The Veil and The Blood”

  1. For the past week, since seeing the initial vision, I’ve been receiving more and more revelation of its “NOW” meaning.

    First of all, this picture is a (free) photo from Unsplash, of Multnomah Falls–at the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon–since I realized this is more like what I had seen (water flowing over a dam) in the original vision.

    The bottom part of the falls is quite like what I was seeing (except that I was seeing blood flowing…not water), but the phrase “water over the dam” is very symbolic to the revelation that I received at the time, about the Veil and the Blood, in that…

    …once something has been done and completed, it becomes “water over the dam,” which means it becomes something that cannot go back to the way it was. The water that flows over the dam will NEVER be that SAME water flowing over that SAME dam. Period. It’s done…finished…complete.

    Also, it can’t be taken back. For sure, you could literally take buckets or barrels of water back, dump them at the top of the dam, and the water would run over. However, even the water you pick up with the buckets or barrels would not be EXACTLY the same water that ran over the dam, since it immediately becomes mixed with the existing water that has already run over before it.

    Our lives (both spiritual and physical) do the same. Existing moments pour into moments already completed, and form brand new moments as they go.

    When the blood of Jesus was shed, and “ran over the dam” the work that Jesus came to Earth to do, was, indeed, finished…once…for all. The veil that was the symbol of that work was torn and the Ark of the Covenant revealed to the world…once…for all. Those things will never happen again.

    We have but to walk in that revelation to continue in its everlasting reality. Period.

  2. Regarding my brother’s photos of “Bridal Veil Falls” in the Keystone Canyon on the Richardson Highway running from Valdez to Anchorage, Alaska…

    It didn’t dawn on me until two days after documenting the vision with the BONUS of the pictures of the falls, that the two shots are actually pictures of VEILS!

    PLUS…they are veils that are FALLING!

    PLUS…they are in KEYstone Canyon. Since the 2020 Election date, there have been a TON of prophecies about the KEYS to getting the fraud and crime committed during the election shown as visible evidence, for the world to see.

    PLUS…there is the RAINBOW right there at the end of the falls, which tells of God’s COVENANTS with His people–specifically the one with Noah, regarding the Ark, and the Great Flood. In the NOW, there have been many revelations of those scriptures from the prophets, as well.

    PLUS…there is always the connection between the bridal “veil” and blood, for a newly-married couple.

    So…finding those photos to target was not an accident, even though the “falls” in my vision did not look exactly like them, but more like the one in my previous comment.

    I totally love how God almost always connects multiple things, in order to make a point! Hallelujah!

  3. This past week, Holy Spirit has been reminding me of quite a few of Carman Licciardello’s songs. Here’s one that came to mind, today, to link here:

    “This Blood”
    (Released in 1993)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Listen VERY carefully, to the phrase uttered TWICE, right after the point that is targeted in THIS LINK.

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