01/18/22–God is Speaking Loudly, and Singing

01/18/22–God is Speaking Loudly,
and Singing Over His People

For a while, now, every time I hear anyone begin to preach the Word or give a prophetic Word from the Lord, even before a word is said, Holy Spirit has been giving me songs that will go with the scriptures being invoked by His messages. That’s not something entirely new to me, as I am a musician and singer, myself, but never have I had SO many of these songs just keep popping into my head, and I have to go find good, honest representations of them (many of them quite old).

Here are just three of them…

“I Have Returned” (Marijohn Wilkins)

“It’s Beginning to Rain” (Aaron Wilbur)

“Go Down, Moses” (Spiritual from the early 1800s)

These three (as well as a dozen or so others) are also representative of the words the my sister, my youngest daughter, and I have been receiving from the Lord and sharing among ourselves, and with others close to us.

On January 14, 2022, the Lord gave me a dream vision of paving stones (red, brick ones) being placed into a long pathway, and alongside of the path, in layers of 3-4 of the pavers as small “walls” along the paths. The stones themselves were beautifully carved, and as they were placed, at first I heard the “clicks” of them.

Then I began to hear them SINGING. I wasn’t hearing words…more like humming, but it was definitely voices SINGING. In the vision, there were no people placing those stones. Yet each stone was placed strategically, and perfectly, in a gentle rhythm–first the clicks (if you’ve ever heard natural bricks placed by a master mason, you’ll understand what I mean), then the singing. Oh, how beautiful!

As I awoke and sat up, Holy Spirit said, “This is our song–that of Elohim–being sung to our people. Listen, and let it stay in your heart. We are singing over Our people.”

Shortly after that, my sister started sending me photos of the very interesting cloud formation that spanned clear across our sky. She also received a message from the Lord, that included these words, “Watch the skies. I am speaking LOUDLY to my children. Watch and listen.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Today (February 19, 2022), I received a newsletter from Lana Vawser, titled “Sing Over the Unrested Parts of Your Heart.” (Originally Published in 2018)

I had already written out the above description of the dream, but hadn’t published it until I read Lana’s Word from the Lord, which is supporting the same thing. Hallelujah!

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  1. So…tonight, I’m writing up the “Powerful Prayers from the Bible” sheet for Sunday, February 20, 2022, which I had chosen earlier in the day, when I scanned down through the words.

    As I started to type it into my template, I realized, “Hey! I know that song!” Yup…if you’d like to hear it and enjoy a beautiful, short and sweet, simple version of the song we used to sing a LOT back in the 70s & 80s, you can find it here…

    “Great Is the Lord” (sung by a member of TheNCrew)

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