Fishing Without Using the Hook

I caught this fish without it ever touching the hook. If you look closely enough you will see that the hook and lure are out the side of its mouth. The line is the only thing that brought that fish in. It had HIT the upper swivels and had gotten caught by the leader stuck behind its lips.

3 Replies to “Fishing Without Using the Hook”

  1. How did that happen?? heh.. I bet that was uncomfortable for the fish. I remember one time I was fishing and the hook somehow found its way right though the fish’s eye… Poor fish lost an eye that day…. RIP

  2. BH–I have no idea how that happened! I’m sure David told me, but I probably wasn’t listening very well. 😉

    Many a fish gets snagged as they try to avoid a hook.

    Did you read my “Alaska–All the Colors of White” article? I mention, there, how my brother and I used to go fishing with bent safety pins and our dog. 😀

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