Finally a Limit

It took a while to catch this limit of 6 northern pike, but it was worth the time. They sure tasted good.

Finally a Limit (Copyright 2018–David Wingfield)

5 Replies to “Finally a Limit”

  1. BH–It’s fairly similar to the taste of bigmouth bass, I think. A lot of people won’t even try to eat pike, because it has a weird set of bones. David has the cleaning/deboning system down to an art, and we eat a LOT of pike during our summertimes. I can hardly wait for his first fishing day (looks like this coming Friday, right now, depending on the weather).

  2. never had bigmouth bass either… the only fish I have eaten is catfish, salmon, and tilapia.

  3. BH–I would compare pike to catfish, then, in texture, but maybe a bit milder in taste. When we clean catfish, we make sure ALL the fat is removed, and then you get just the meaty goodness. It’s the same for pike. If David misses any of the fat, I can immediately tell, so he’s very careful. 😉

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