15-Pound Catfish!

This thing fought me all the way to the bank, with no telling what it was until I got it to shore.

A very worthy opponent!

(15-Pound Catfish–Copyright 2018–David Wingfield)

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  1. Impressive fish… Quite big too. I think the biggest fish I ever caught was close to 10 pounds. In the future, it’s part of my dream to catch a King Salmon (can easily get up to 50 pounds) or a Mekong giant catfish (can easily get up to 660 pounds)

  2. BH–I was raised fishing nearly daily (summers, at least) in Valdez, Alaska. When I met David down in California, in 1983, and began going fishing with him over the summer, we occasionally went (instead of his REALLY favorite place which we actually liked better) to a little fishing venue that he had been going to for a long time. They rented little fishing cabins (like wooden tents, basically, right over the water, along the shores of the several little lakes/ponds), or you could just come in and fish for a day for a small entrance fee.

    We were there one day, and the owner came up to me after I’d just caught a large mouth bass that was about six pounds…not bad. 😉 He said something like, “Hey! Nice fish…bet you’ve never caught one that big, before!”

    I turned around to see if he was joking, and he wasn’t. So I quietly informed him that I certainly had! I had been catching 50-pound salmon or bigger, plus HUGE halibut, most of my life…both from shore, and while out on boats, around many places in Alaska. I was 33 years old by the time he said that to me, so that was 31 years of fishing experience. 😉

    He was suitably impressed, and we talked for quite some time after that, on a much more equal footing. 😀

    Now that Mekong Giant Catfish would REALLY be something, wouldn’t it???!!!

    I’ve caught 30-pound catfish in California, and over here in South Dakota, back in about 1990, when we were visiting my mom right here where we live, now, I caught a 20-pound CARP!!! But…yeah…WOW…anything over 100 pounds would be fantastic!!!

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