Powerful Prayers from the Bible

The prayers you will find here, that can be used at any time, even though the titles below designate them for certain weeks, are designed to be read daily, for an entire week. Many of them are from the Psalms. All of them have been written as prayers straight to our Lord Jesus Christ. They are confessions to Him of not only our needs, but our confidence in Him to meet those needs. They are also confessions to Him of our love for Him. They are combinations of both worship and praise.

I would suggest–no matter what day or year you are beginning to use these prayers–that you begin with the first one, and continue onward from there. If you pray more than one a day, you can work on getting caught up with the entire series. 😀

Week of 11/21/2021: Psalm 16

Week of 11/28/2021: Psalm 23

Week of 12/05/2021: Psalm 24

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