11/20/2022–Powerful Prayer from 7 OT Scriptures

SCRIPTURES–All OT, from biblehub.com
SUBJECT—The Fear ( יִרְאָה ) (yi-rah’) of the Lord

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Reference #1: Psalm 34—see vs. 11

Reference #2: Psalm 111—see vs. 10

Reference #3: Proverbs 1—see vs. 7

Reference #4: Proverbs 9—see vs. 10

Reference #5: 15—see vs. 33

Reference #6: Ecclesiastes 12—see vs. 13

Reference #7: Job 28—see vs. 28

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If you read through these WHOLE CHAPTERS, the specific referenced verses will conclusively give you the proper SENSE (usage) of the word יִרְאָה which is used in every reference.

From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance:

VERB: #3372 ( יָרֵא ) (ya-re’)…In Genesis, it was generally used by God to Adam and Eve, then later to Abraham, in references where He said, “Do NOT be in fear….”

ADJECTIVE: #3373 ( יָרֵא ) (ya-re’)…Fearful is used in nearly every OT reference as a DESCRIPTION of how the “heart” (spirit) might react, when confronted with something more powerful than itself—something that even MIGHT be considered dangerous.

NOUN PHRASE: #3374 ( יִרְאָה ) (yi-rah’)…We are told to HAVE (possess) “the fear” of the Lord. On the following page ( https://biblehub.com/hebrew/3374.htm ) at the very bottom, you can see that there are a number of different qualifiers used with this word. There are a few times that the phrase is used to signify terror (that would preface an inner, “RUN!!!” command). The overarching sense/application of the word in the OT, however, is “great awe,” “reverence,” “honor,” and “respect,” and it is applied that way, when it is “the fear of the Lord” that is referenced.

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NOTE: In the NT, the use of “the fear of the Lord” is “phobos” (faw’boss) which is used exactly the same way as shown in the OT. You can find references to it in Acts 9:31 (where it refers immediately to the “comfort of the Holy Spirit,” and 2 Corinthians 5:11, where the NKJV says “terror,” and it is for a reason. After making note of that, Paul goes on to explain that our God is NOT to be regarded with terror, but with awe and respect—therefore, making God approachable, rather than to be avoided because the people in question might be killed.

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Father God, we understand that when you have referenced “the fear of God” throughout the ages, you have provided us with guidance of the way we should look to you in our everyday lives. We are here, today, to spend corporate time with you, during which we will gaze at you with great awe, look to you with reverence, honor you as the Most High God, and respect you as the great and mighty Elohim—the ONLY ONE (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who can, will, and does provide EVERYTHING for us. We love you with all that is within us, Mighty God, and we thank you,–this day, this coming week, this national Thanksgiving season, and every other day of our lives–for WHOM you are, for WHAT you are, for WHY you are, and simply BECAUSE you are.


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