10/30/2022–Powerful Prayer from…The Bible


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As I sat down to start putting together a prayer for this week, I got a message from my sister (on Facebook Messenger). As I answered her note, I saw a post in Facebook, by Jeremiah Johnson.

It was a simple (yet profound) message: “Relax…the battle is not yours, but the Lord’s.” If you go to the link (above), you can see my (very FAVORABLE) reply. OR…you can just read it here, and then pray the simple (yet profound) prayer at the end

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Absolutely! There is no better General than Elohim! Also, there are the wonderful angelic warriors. PLUS, the Army of God’s people is learning more and more about the authority vested in us as His joint-heirs, and how to apply it. Hallelujah!

This does NOT mean we don’t have to JOIN in the fight (even if all we have to do is STAND in faith)! What it DOES mean is that the intelligence (information about the situations we face), the reconnaissance maps (showing WHERE we are to stand), the spiritual, mental, and physical strength, and ALL the weapons (which are not carnal–of the flesh), come to us forged by our mighty Father, presented to us by our beloved brother Jesus, and breathed into and within us by Holy Spirit! WOW! What more could we ask?

Two of my very favorite songs from the past couple of years…

“The Battle is the Lord’s” (Rebecca St. James–featuring Brandon Lake) (Lyric Version)

“You’ve Already Won” (Shane & Shane)


Even if you’ve read and/or heard this next “story” many times, right now, in these times, it bears a careful scrutiny once again, in light of the stance I described above.

1 Samuel 17 (NKJV) Bible Gateway

Maybe you would rather hear about an older, more established warrior and strategist. Jehoshaphat!!!

2 Chronicles 20 (NKJV) Bible Gateway

Once again, though, David sets the scene.

Psalm 24 (NKJV) Bible Gateway

So…still feel like YOU, at least, need some armor and weapons to stand up and let the Lord fight the battle, since you aren’t one of these “special people in the Bible?” Well, honestly, you are, because we are still IN “Bible times,” and always will be. Here’s where we sign up for duty.

Ephesians 6:10-12 (AMP) Bible Gateway


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Father God, we see throughout the Bible that you created your people to be like you, to live with you, to correspond with you, to love you, and to rely on you as family—wholeheartedly. In every situation that has followed, throughout the times that you created for us, you have instructed us regarding these things.

Even when Adam and Eve got confused and “blew it,” you still provided for them. Not only that, but you attend to OUR needs, even before they happen (or ever WILL happen), even when WE “blow it.” There is absolutely NOTHING you don’t already know about or can’t deal with.

As we’ve seen in the scriptures above, there have been (and now are) times on the earth when great numbers of people have “blown it,” and consequences have then built up, wherein the devil has tried (and is trying) to annihilate your people.

However, we’ve also seen in those scriptures, that YOU have overcome the warmongering from “the dark side.” YOU have already given us the answers. YOU expect us to stand in the gap (the breach). YOU provide the weapons of YOUR warfare, which are greater than any other weapons. PERIOD!!!

All we need to do is know this, believe this, and STAND, therefore, wearing YOUR armor, and speaking YOUR words. Once in that stance, WE WILL SEE YOU WIN THE BATTLE!

Therefore, we pray for your people to continue opening their eyes and ears to YOUR will, and learning HOW to stand with YOU, in order to win this particular war on this earth, in the way YOU want to see it done.

Glory to God, Hallelujah, and Amen!

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