10/02/2022–Powerful Prayer from Matthew, Mark, & Ephesians

[The Scriptures]

Matthew 19:6
Mark 10:8-9

Ephesians 4

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[The Concepts]

Union/Junction vs. Disunion/Disjunction
Fusion vs. Confusion
Unity vs. Disunity

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As I sat down at the computer to prepare this, Holy Spirit said very clearly: “FUSION.” (Yes…I “saw” it, in all-caps…just like that.) I immediately became involved in some very interesting research, with some equally interesting revelation!

In Matthew and Mark, Jesus spoke of the concept of two people being “joined together as one,” by God. This describes a “union,” a “junction,” or a “fusion.”

Jesus explained that “no man should tear asunder” these unions/ junctions/fusions created by God. To “tear asunder” simply means to take apart, dismantle, split, or otherwise cause disunion/disjunction/ confusion.

Even in the surrounding verses in Matthew and Mark, when adultery is mentioned, research reveals that it simply means “alteration, or…CONFUSION. In those cases, it meant that God’s [perfect] plans for his male[s] and female[s] would be altered (or adulterated) from what He had already pronounced was “good.”

When writing to the Ephesians, Paul used the same type of word to describe the Body of Christ: “unity.” The oppositional word for “unity” is “disunity,” which (of course) is also disunion/disjunction/confusion.

Our prayer today, is for AMENDMENT to the CONFUSION that has been abounding in the Body of Christ, so that God’s own TRUE FUSION shall once again reign in His created people—which is all mankind.

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Father, we set ourselves in agreement with your will for ALL people, which is stated very clearly in Ephesians 4: we are to endeavor to keep the unity (fusion) of the Spirit, in the bond (which speaks of fusion, in and of itself) of peace. We understand that there is ONE body, ONE spirit, ONE hope of our calling, ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God and Father of ALL—who is above all, through all, and in all. By agreeing with, and speaking, your Word on this, we are solidifying the pathway to the renewal of all of these concepts in our Body. We love you, and we expect our fervent prayer to be effectual in our world, therefore withstanding ALL efforts of the devil to “tear us asunder.”


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