08/21/2022–Powerful Prayer from 1 Chronicles 16 (& More)

1 Chronicles 16 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)
Psalm 16 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)

Psalm 5 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)
2 Corinthians 4 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)

(Realizing & Declaring Our Covenant Relationship with God and His Glory)

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I encourage you to read all of the scriptures shown above. Compare them. Think about how the Old Covenant scriptures relate to the New Covenant scripture. The following prayer makes use of all four.

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I give you thanks, Lord, and I will call upon your name, making known your deeds among the people on Earth. I will sing songs to and about you, which tell of your wonderful works! I recognize your glory, and I take great joy in seeking you. Thank you for your strength. I will seek your face forever! You alone are my Father God, who has made covenant with me–since before time and into forever.

Even when your people wandered from nation to nation and from kingdom to kingdom, you protected your own, and even took kings to task for the sake of your covenant, saying, “Do not touch my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm.”

Therefore, while I am still here on Earth, I will speak and sing of you and your good news of salvation, every day. I will declare your glory anywhere in the world I go, and speak of your wonderful acts. You, Lord, are great, and greatly to be praised. I revere you above anything or anyone else. There is nothing and nobody in my life that I worship, other than you. I will praise you, and you alone, because you made everything, and there is nothing, anywhere, that can be set above either you or your works.

I honor your majesty, Father God, and I thank you that as I do that, you return to me both strength and joy. I understand that I don’t have to make blood sacrifices to you for atonement, because Jesus became our Perfect Sacrifice Lamb. Instead, I can now stand before you–worshiping you in the beauty of your own holiness!

Even when the earth itself trembles, I am–by your faith and your grace living in me through Jesus–firmly established in you, and therefore, I will not be moved. Instead, I will rejoice and be glad. I will always say to anyone, “The Lord reigns! Let all of the seas and their contents roar! Let all of the fields and everything that grows there rejoice! Let the trees clap their hands!”

Your judgment has been placed in Jesus, and I thank you very much that your salvation has been given to me, even now, and you have gathered both Jews and Gentiles together in you, so that we may praise you and give thanks to you jointly.

Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I triumph in your praise. I bless you now, and forever, as the great I Am–Creator of Heaven and Earth.


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