08/14/2022–Power Prayer from Psalm 71:17-24

[BASED ON] Psalm 71:17-24 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)
(God—The Rock of Salvation—Acknowledgment)

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I would encourage you to read Psalm 71 in its entirety, before speaking this prayer. It was divided into three prayers, beginning with July 31 through now. This is the final part.

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Lord, you have been teaching us even before we came to know you–even before we were born. We set ourselves to always declare your wonderful and awesome works. We know that you will not forsake us, even when we are old, and that you will enable us to keep on declaring your strength to all of the generations who are living around us–no matter what ages they are–because your power is to and for EVERYONE–even those still to come.

Your righteousness, Lord, is as high as the highest Heaven (which can never outgrow or get higher or more powerful than you, yourself). You have done great and mighty things, Lord, and there is nobody as powerful as you, anywhere, because you have created everything, and will always be the Highest.

In this world, we have gone through (and will go through again) many great troubles–some quite severe. You have been there for us, every time. We know that in any coming times of trouble, you will still be our faithful strength and strong covering.

You will always bring refreshing and reviving life to us, even if we have spiritually fallen into “the depths of the earth.” You always will increase our greatness, which is only from you–our Father. You will also comfort us all the time, and in all things, by Jesus–the Word, and through Holy Spirit–your own Breath of Life.

We will praise you and your faithfulness with our speech, and we will also put music to our praise and worship toward you–with instruments or with our voices. You are the Most High–the Holy One of Israel (into whom you have grafted us through the work of Jesus, by His death and resurrection for us). Therefore, we will greatly rejoice when we praise and worship you.

You have redeemed us, and we set ourselves to speak of your righteousness all day long, even when there are those around us (or around our loved ones) who are seeking to bring us shame or ruin. We know that you are the One who will judge them and see to their futures. We are set to praise you in the midst of all things. Therefore, we can leave the judging to you, and live in your peace, even in the midst of confusion and chaos. Thank you very much!


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