07/17/2022–Powerful Prayer from Psalm 66

[BASED ON] Psalm 66 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)
(Praising God for His Awesome Works)

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I would encourage you to read Psalm 66 in its entirety, before speaking this prayer. (The link above will open in a new tab when you click on it.) Note that the first few verses were instruction for the Chief Musician, who was to instruct the people to “shout out” to God (verse 1), to sing and give honor to the Most High God, and to make their praises to Him glorious (verse 2)! The prayer below is based on what David told the Chief Musician to tell the people to, “Say to God,” (beginning with verse 3).

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Father God, how awesome are your works! Through your great power, even your enemies WILL submit themselves to you! Ultimately, all on Earth (even the earth itself) WILL worship you and sing praises to the Great I Am.

Right now, I take the time to remember your awesome works. You made the world and its initial people, and then you continually have worked to uphold your people, even rescuing them when they disobeyed—time, after time, after time.

Therefore, I will remember these things, and even when I find myself thinking that the world around me looks hopeless, I will purposely rejoice in the fact that YOU rule, by YOUR power…FOREVER!

Thank you, Lord, that your eyes are continually observing ALL the nations on Earth, and that, ultimately, you will not allow the rebellious to continue exalting themselves.

Because of who you ARE, I bless you, my Lord. Help me remember, daily, to raise my voice in praise to you, and to be thankful that you have given LIFE to our souls, and that you continually watch over us, here in the place you created for us.

Through the ages, you have watched over us all, and by sending Jesus to live physically with us, then to become the ultimate Sacrifice Lamb for us, you have now given us back the sonship and authority you first gave to Adam and Eve.

Because of Jesus, you no longer regard iniquity as a chasm between us. I thank you, Lord, that you hear my individual prayers, as well as our prayers as a community of faith—the faith you have given us, and that you sustain within us.

I bless you now–as Father, Brother, and Holy Spirit—the fullness of Eternal God—the Great I Am–who now lives IN us. I thank you that you do not turn away our prayers, and that your mercy and your grace will never leave us!

WOW! Amen!

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