02/26/2023–Powerful Prayer from Psalm 143

02/26/2023–Powerful Prayer

[BASED ON] Psalm 143 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)

***12 Verses to Read Before Praying this Prayer***

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A New Testament Appeal for Guidance and Deliverance

(Based on this Psalm of David)

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Thank you, Lord, that you hear our prayers (any type we speak to you), when we pray in answer to your faithfulness and the righteousness and grace you have gifted to us, through your own faith–which you have placed in us, as believers.

Thank you, also, that even when the stealer, killer, and destroyer has persecuted us and tried to crush us by bringing darkness upon us, and even when we have felt like all is lost, and when our hearts are overwhelmed and distressed, we can always come to you for comfort and strength.

All we have to do is look back in your Word, and in our memories, at the never-ending parade of all the works done by your hands–from before time, even until this very moment. We can then raise our hands to you in praise and worship, and you will always, always, always quench the thirst in us for your loving kindness. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Father, that you answer us speedily, so that our spirits don’t fail. Indeed, we have Holy Spirit within us always, to bring your answers to us in ways that each of us can understand in relevance to our own situations and surroundings.

Thank you, Lord, that you NEVER hide your face from us! You live within us, and we live within you. Therefore, we are not in the same position as those who have turned away and seem to endlessly dig their own pits to fall into.

Thank you, also, Lord, that you constantly and consistently bring sustenance to our lives. We breathe in your Word, and we breathe out your Faith, and thereby we live—sheltered from the ways of spiritual darkness.

You have delivered us out of sin, into your very own righteousness, so that we can live by your mercy and by your grace. How, then, can we be afraid? Will you ever fail us? NO! You won’t!

We rejoice in that fact, intending to always remind ourselves that you are the God who was, who is, and who is to come, and that you will NEVER forsake us!


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