01/01/2023–Powerful Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13

01/01/2023 Powerful Prayer
[BASED ON] Matthew 6:9-13 (NKJV–Bible Gateway)

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In Matthew 6, Jesus was telling people/us how to live Godly lives–with examples of what to pray for and how to do it. He didn’t give us a memorized prayer to repeat over and over again. Instead, He gave us a PATTERN, or a TEMPLATE to use.

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CHECK OUT THE TEMPLATE, which acknowledges that…

  1. OUR FATHER is from Heaven (and therefore, so are we).
  2. He is HOLY.
  3. He wants everything about Earth to look and act like His Kingdom (not like the devil’s kingdom).
  4. He wants HIS will to be done here on Earth, just like it is done in Heaven.
  5. He provides EVERYTHING for us.
  6. if we HAVE debts, it is His will to PAY OFF every debt (of any type) we have accrued.
  7. in turn, we are not to hold former debtors in any type of contempt or hatred.
  8. God is NOT who leads us into temptations, trials, or tribulation. We fall into those holes by our own efforts, HOWEVER, Jesus has already overcome the things of the world, and all we need to do is ask for His help to dig out.
  9. Our Father has already DELIVERED us from the grip of Satan, because Jesus has already paid the price.
  10. The Father’s Kingdom, Power, and Glory already WERE, ARE, and WILL BE—forever.

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PRAY YOUR PRAYER, using those tools, maybe like this…

Father God in Heaven, you are Holy! Thank you for being my Father, so that I can come to you, personally with my needs–because of the blood of Jesus, poured out for me.

I know that your will is that Earth be like Heaven. Today I come to you about [QUESTIONS and/or PROBLEMS] that aren’t lining up with your Word and your Life. I know that you are already delivering and repairing everything necessary to get things lined up the way you would have them, and I set myself in agreement.

In the meantime, you’ve also provided EVERYTHING to sustain me and my family through this time—in every way, shape, or form!

Not only that, but because you have already forgiven any debts (of any type) that I have accrued, I also forgive any former debtors, I don’t hold any hatred or revenge in my heart, and I expect to see the results.

Thank you, Father, that you do NOT lead us into temptations, trials, tests, or tribulations, and that when we DO fall into any of those, you are right there to help us climb out, miraculously, because you have already overcome the devil, through the precious blood of Jesus.

Thank you, Father God, and AMEN!

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