Playing Around with PSP Picture Frames and Tubes

I don’t remember exactly when I created these digital collages, but it was somewhere between 2003 and 2005.

I believe the stones in the first collage were from a digital photograph David took at one of the streams local to the Grays Harbor area of Washington State. I clipped a small area, then tiled that clip to make the entire background.

The three digital flower photos were also taken by David. He got down on their level to get the close-ups. I cropped out the areas I wanted to use for the collage.

I used PaintShop Pro picture frames (the same one for all four elements of the collage) to set off the four parts. Then I layered the flowers over the stones.

Four Digital Photos by David W. Wingfield (Approximately 2003 – 2005) *** Digital Collage by Linda A. Wingfield (Approximately 2003-2005)

After those layers were in place, I used some PaintShop Pro picture tubes that I found online, to pose on the frames of the three flower photos, as if they were sniffing the flowers.

Digital Photos by David W. Wingfield *** Digital Collage by Linda A. Wingfield *** Animal PSP Picture Tubes found Online (Approximately 2003-2005)

The next photo was something that Judi and I put together while just having fun with the same type of thing, not long after the stones and flowers.

The background was a photo taken of a farm on a back road somewhere on the way up to Wynooche Lake. It contains the real (late-fall or winter) trees and the farm house. I believe there was also either a pond or a stream in the photo, originally, but again…I don’t remember for sure.

The border is another PaintShop Pro picture frame. The rest of the items in the collage (including the larger trees with more foliage) were all added by PaintShop Pro picture tubes, layered in appropriately. It was loads of fun to create.

Local Farm Digital Photo by David Wingfield (Approximately 2003-2005) *** Digital Frame and Picture Tube Layers Added by Linda A. Wingfield (Approximately 2003-2005)

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