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This banner was created by lindawing (me) and ukpoppyberry (Lisa) back in 2013, when we started changing out the existing Neighborly Sims sites, which had been divided into The Sims2 and The Sims 3 for a while, for the new Neighborly SimsCraft, which you see defined below. Thanks, Lisa, for all your help designing this fun banner!!!

In 2004, I began my first (very simple) website, which was called Neighborly Sims. About a year later I had two Admin ladies, and the site was revamped to include a small forum for the use of uploading files for The Sims 2. When The Sims 3 was released in 2009, we revamped the site again, to basically feature only that venue. In 2014, we added some of the Sims 2 files back, opened a new Sims 4 area, and the forum was renamed and reformatted to its current identity (Neighborly SimsCraft) which reflects the fact that I and the other members of the forum (including the eight or nine Admin ladies we’ve had during peak times) like to play Sims and other games (including Minecraft), that we also like to do crafts (knitting, cross stitching, drawing, painting, gardening, writing, playing/singing music, etc.), and that we are a friendly group of worldwide neighbors.

Over the last couple of years, as our membership has aged, lives have changed, and other (more generalized) social media has cropped up everywhere, participation at our specialized gaming forum has shrunk to just a few people posting now and again.

When I began Linda’s Place in order to have an expanded avenue for my personal writing, YouTubing, and other interests, I thought of taking down the Neighborly SimsCraft site altogether, but after some conversations with the members who still have things posted there, we decided to leave it up, with the exception of a few areas that have become redundant.

We still have a lot of guests dropping by daily, who download files that our contingent of wonderful Sims creators have uploaded to the forum through the years. There are still Sims 2 and Sims 3 files available (Worlds, Lots, Sims, and even some Custom Content).

PLUS…we host a special Creator’s Corner forum devoted to our beloved Wendy (Hillcrest/hillcrest1414), who passed away from brain cancer on December 8, 2011. We miss her very much. She willed us her Sims 3 Real Estate website. Since then we’ve been carrying her lovely Sims and Lots for both TS2 and TS3 on the Neighborly SimsCraft forum, in order to continue her legacy. We hope you will stop by there at some point, to see her wonderful creations.

Sims 4 is still “live,” and we have also showcased quite a lot of downloads for that game since it was released in 2014. Some of the files are actually hosted (and are downloadable) from the forum, but generally speaking, most of our creations for TS4 have been uploaded by each of us, through the Sims 4 Gallery, where you can find our creations under our user names (mine is lindawing).

In the TS4 Worlds section, however, I have uploaded an EMPTY world (that is available in different versions I’ve created as I’ve purchased the new packs along the way), as well as two changed worlds (using two complete neighborhoods in one, with all the rest empty, and using most of the neighborhoods in the other one). There are VERY easy instructions in the download areas for those worlds, for using the downloaded files in your own game.

So…if you play TS2, TS3, or TS4, you may want to check out what there still is to offer at Neighborly SimsCraft. It can be found at:

NOTE: There are also several smaller areas of the forum dedicated to other games than The Sims. There is a Minecraft section, that has some good tutorial information, for one thing, plus we also hosted a Round Robin area for Minecraft players at one time. All of our hosted game maps area available for download there, if you’d like to have any of them. 🙂 f you’re interested, you can check out the “Other Games We Love” section.

REGARDING FORUM MEMBERSHIP AT NSC: At this time, we are not accepting new members. Unless you are already a member, you will not be able to post anywhere on the forum, but you WILL be able to read the existing posts and download anything that is available there. At least for now, existing members may log in and post as usual.

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