Registration, User Roles, and Website Policy

Anyone can read all Public Pages, Posts, or Comments on this website. If you would like to add anything, however, you’ll need to know the following information.

Aside from my role as Administrator, this site offers two levels of membership. The first step to either, is REGISTRATION:

The “Register” Menu is located at the very end of the Top Menu field, at the top of any Page. Once the link is clicked, the following form will pop up:

Fill out the form then click the black Register button. Follow instructions from there, in order to become a Subscriber.

Subscriber Definition…
…all Registrations result in Subscriber membership;
…allowed to Comment, but not to write Posts or Pages;
…after Registration, the first time Comments are made,
approval must occur before the Comments become published;
depending on Admin (my) approval (mostly depending
on “spam” e-mail addresses, “spam” names, and/or bad
IP addresses) Subscribers may be immediately
terminated without notice;
…must use “family-friendly” topics and language;
…anything shared, must be your own, or used by permission
you can prove–no copyright infringement allowed;
…no commerce allowed.

After you become a Subscriber, it’s possible to become an Author. If I already know and trust you, I will automatically assign you to that role.

If I know you, but haven’t had any previous experience with your authoring skills, or if I only know you because I “met you” somewhere else on the internet, told you about this site, and you subsequently registered, you will need to ask me for the role of Author, and tell me a little about why you would want to be able to do more than just Comment here.

Author Definition…
…permission and role-change given only by Admin (me);
…allowed to write Posts, Pages, or Comments;
…must use “family-friendly” topics and language;
…anything shared, must be your own, or used by permission
you can prove–no copyright infringement allowed;
…no commerce allowed;
…New Posts or New Pages will be reorganized (not

rewritten…just put into the correct places if necessary)
by Admin (me) after being initially published by Authors.

Here are some helpful photos & hints to show you what Subscribers or Authors should look for after Registering:

Once you are registered, you will want to look at your Profile page, and possibly make some changes. At the top right of your window, you’ll see your name and a randomly-generated avatar. Click that to drop-down the menu you see here (this was using my “Author” status, not my “Admin” status). Click the “Edit My Profile” link.

The next photo shows what the top left area of the Subscriber Profile page looks like.

As you can see, it looks somewhat different than the top left area of the Author Profile page. These differences reflect the differences in User Roles, as basically shown in the Subscriber and Author Definitions above. You can freely check out anything shown, anywhere in those areas, as you will not be allowed, at any time, into any Administration area.

The following photo shows the Comment form. Anyone who is Registered may use this form where it shows up on the website. As you can see, when I took the screenshot of this form, I was logged in as my Subscriber self, rather than either my Author self or my Admin self, for testing purposes.

Notice that you can choose to “subscribe to” (receive notices about, by e-mail) anything that you would like to follow as others begin to comment.

Notice, also, that I left the Akismet notice in the screenshot. What this means to you, as a writer, is that if you post “spam” Akismet is going to catch it and throw your writing efforts into my Pending area. From there, if necessary, I can ban your name, e-mail address, and IP. As of October 29, 2018, there is also a notification at the bottom of the Comment Form, that informs you that Clean Talk has been employed, to add additional “spam” control to the website.

At the top left of your screen, just to the left of the “Linda’s Place” title, you’ll see the little speedometer icon, that contains the drop-down Dashboard menu. For Authors and Admin, there are also the little quote icon and the + icon, that allow previous comments to be perused, in a table, and new Pages or Posts to be created. Subscribers will NOT see those other two options…they will only see the little speedometer/Dashboard.

If Authors click the little quotation box, the Comments area of the Dashboard will open up, and all comments made on the site will be shown, with available filters, for tracking the ones that interest you.

If Authors click the +/New link, the drop-down menu will provide links to both Posts and Media (images or files that have been uploaded, or when they may upload such).

Both of those areas can also be accessed from within the Dashboard itself.

Once the Dashboard link is clicked, Subscribers will see only this page. There is no action that can be taken by a Subscriber here, except to possibly sign up for an upcoming event (which are not from my site…they’re from WordPress).

An Author, however, will see several more options, which I’ll outline below.

As you can see below, Media can be accessed by either the Dashboard directly, or from a Page or Post form (they are the same basic form with a few different options), designated by the writer’s choice initially, or by editing after the process is begun).

When an Author chooses to make a new Post, from any avenue (see one way, just below) the “Add New Post” form itself will pop up. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Even if you don’t do something exactly right, that’s where my Admin reorganization can come in and make things go where they were meant to go. So don’t worry about it. Just relax and tell us your stories!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to add a Comment below, or e-mail me. Either way, I’ll get notifications in my e-mail, as soon as I’m up around. I must remind you, however, that I’m a total night owl (Central U.S. Time). I’m generally up and around no later than 5 PM my time, until possibly as “late” as 9 AM, and I check the website itself for messages when I’m up. The e-mails I generally gather as soon as I’m up and at my computer. Either way, I’ll generally be able to get back to you within 12-24 hours after you write a Comment or send me a message.

If, at any time, I decide that any Comment, Post, or Page is not “family-friendly” or that it is causing any type of hurtfulness or harm by bullying, intimidation, or other tactics, I will first remove the Public tag, causing it to be Private (invisible to anyone but me). Then I will contact the writer to see if the problem can be remedied. If not, the membership will be terminated.

Please remember that this is a place to share things we enjoy…not things we dislike or hate.


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