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Feel free to add a generalized comment here. I get notifications of all comments, so if you want me to respond to something that you don’t see in the rest of the site, for instance, this would be a good place to comment.

I look forward to hearing from you ❗ 😀

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  1. So…last night I finished uploading the links to all of my current GGG (Grandma’s Gone Gaming) YouTube channel, then as David and I were eating dinner and watching “Young Sheldon” tonight, Judi came in and informed us that YouTube had been completely DOWN for at least an hour!

    Of course, I rushed to check it out, and sure enough! WOW! YouTube was DOWN…at least most of it…for about an hour.

    Here’s what the Seattle Times (pretty much the only reporting agency I could find, online, that had a lucid report written in plain English) had to say about the whole thing:

    (It’s up again, and that’s all anyone knows.) 😆

  2. If you’ve been to visit the site lately, and now you’ve visited again, you probably have noticed that a lot of things have changed places.

    Don’t worry…the organizational stuff will be basically “solidified” and completed, in the next couple of days.

    I had started by using WordPress’ recommendations for pages and posts, but then realized that I really don’t care for the way Posts that aren’t “anchored” somewhere just sort of float around in the BLOG (more like a FOG, as far as I’m concerned) making it hard to logically explore the site.

    So I began reorganizing all the early Posts into Pages, instead, removing BLOG Categories as I go, and setting up MENU functions, instead.

    As I write this, I’m about halfway through. In the meantime, all the Posts I’ve written previously (with any attached Comments) are still intact, under the Category roundups as I had set them originally…just not under the BLOG menu…they are under their own Top Menus, instead.

    My brain is too tired to go any further tonight, and I want to play some Minecraft for a little bit, so…yeah…back tomorrow! 🙂

  3. You’ve all been on my mind lately. Sending all my love to you. I hope to come visit you all soon.

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