Creators I Support on Patreon

In early 2017, I learned about Patreon. I can’t afford to give more than a few $$$ a month (per published product, capped at 1x per month) to any of the following creators, but I’m quite passionate about supporting them in at least that small way. If you’d like to check them out on either Patreon or YouTube, here are links for some of my favorite creators, in alphabetical order.

David Wesley…

Patreon Page

I actually had found David Wesley on Spotify, several years ago, when looking for some good worship music to listen to, mainly at bedtime. Sometimes I just need to get my brain out of gear, so to speak, and allow my mind to get away from the problems of the world, or even just the busy-ness of the day. The album that I found on Spotify, is called “Basement Praise,” and it’s excellent. You can search for it by that album name, or by his own name, if you’d like to hear it.

Then, in 2018, I saw a suggestion for an interesting video on YouTube…

After watching this video and several others, I went to his Patreon page (see the link above), and signed up. It wasn’t until several months later, when he began his recruitment for the following video, that I suddenly realized that David was the singer and producer of the “Basement Praise” album!

I tried to participate in this virtual choir, but my voice is still (slowly but surely) coming back after 15 years without being able to sing at all, due to being bent over very far forward due to rheumatoid arthritis. In 2017, both my hips were replaced, and since then I have been re-learning to use my diaphragm and sing once again–something very precious to me. I also had hoped to join into another small virtual project he did in 2019, but that didn’t work out, either. As of October 2020, I still haven’t been able to join in one of the choirs, because David has changed the requirements for submissions, in order to make less work during editing (I totally understand).

Peter Hollens…

Patreon Page

I first saw Peter Hollens when someone posted a Christmas video on Facebook:

I shared it, and an old friend saw it, told me more about Peter, and pointed me at his YouTube channel (thank you very much, Chris McCullough). I started listening to one after another of his videos, but I didn’t become a patron until quite some time after I had become a patron for Home Free.

I do enjoy much of Peter’s music, but mostly the ones that he does with Tim Foust (of Home Free)…these four:

Scott & Ryceejo…


In July 2018, Scott & Ryceejo (pronounced RICE-ee-joe) posted the following video. By the time it was published, I had become a patron, because I had gotten to see early versions and the behind-the-scenes presentations for it, from The Hound + The Fox. I absolutely had fallen in love with them, and I have totally enjoyed being a patron ever since. They are a lovely couple, and so friendly and wonderful to their patrons. Oh, and you’ll see their little girl Hosanna at the end of this video, which reminds me that McKenzie and Reilly have a little boy who’s about the same age as Scott and Ryceejo’s little girl.

Here’s one of their recent Disney mashups (the voice of their little girl was actually her grandma’s voice I believe)…

This is one of their most recent videos, showing off their instrumental skills, which they haven’t done before (I set it to start at the actual intro to the song)…

This last one is a “home video” of their first live performance, in July 2018 (they will be doing more of them, in the future–beginning with a couple from their upcoming Christmas album, in December.

The MobCave…


I play three monthly Minecraft challenges on YouTube. One is the Minecraft Hardcore Challenge designed by Michael Deering (see my video playlists here). There used to be another one, but Base Race by Edd Case, of The MobCave (see my individual Base Race video playlists here) is no longer running.

When Edd began his Patreon account in 2016, I joined. At first I made a $2/month (Tier 1) pledge, but his job with our monthly special Minecraft maps has been made harder than ever with the advent of Minecraft 1.13, 1.14, and now 1.15. So in 2018, I changed to his Tier 2 level, and now give $5/month. He also has a Tier 3 level available.

I now participate in his Mage Rage and RUH challenges monthly. Here are my playlists for his announcements for them…

You can find my own Mage Rage Playlists here.

You can find my own RUH Playlists here.

TheShawFam (Mat & Savanna Shaw)…


Mat & Savanna Shaw are a “Daddy & Daughter” duo who began recording duets and uploading them to YouTube in March 2020, with the following video.

On August 6, 2020, they began their own Patreon account, and I joined as soon as I watched their announcement video.

Here’s one of my favorite videos they’ve done.

There you have it! These are my favorite people to listen to, and my favorite Minecraft map-maker. I hope maybe I’ve inspired you to become a patron for someone you really enjoy on YouTube (very many of those people have Patreon accounts), or for other creators you may know of who could use your support. 🙂