Creators I Support on Patreon

In early 2017, I learned about Patreon. I can’t afford to give more than $5/month ($5/published video, capped at 1x per month) to any of the following six artists, but I’m quite passionate about supporting them in at least that small way. If you’d like to check them out on either Patreon or YouTube, here are the links to both, and a few more besides, for my favorite creators (five musical ones, and one gaming one), in alphabetical order.

Chris Rupp…


Chris (along with his brother Adam Rupp) is the man who began the group Home Free, while still in college (majoring in music), back in 2000.

On March 18, 2016, Chris (and Home Free) announced that he would be leaving the group to become a solo artist. He has since released five albums: A Little Bit of Christmas, A Little More Christmas, Rise, Shine, and A New Day.

He also formed 7th Ave Band, which currently features his (and Adam’s) sister Tristin and Adam Bastien.

I love all of Chris’ solo work–either a cappella or instrumentalized (he plays piano and guitar).

Here is one of my favorite of Chris’ covers, that he released recently:

“Old Church Choir”

Home Free…


The members of Home Free (since Chris went solo) are…

Adam Rupp (Beatboxer Extraordinaire, & Co-Founder in 2000) (Range: F#1 – A5)
Tim Foust (Basso Profundo or Contrabass) (Range: A0 – A5)
Adam Chance (Baritone or Bass) (Range: F1-F5)
Rob Lundquist (Low Tenor) (Range: B1 – G#5)
Austin Brown (High Tenor or Contra Tenor or Sopranist) (Range: Eb1 – C6)

On their official YouTube channel (see above for the link) you can find all of their recorded songs (most of the recent ones with videos) if you dig deep enough into the different listings. Some of their recorded music goes back to before 2013 which is when the group settled into everyone except Adam Chance (known generally as Chance, to differentiate him from Adam Rupp). Chris, who was co-founder with Adam in 2000, sang with the group until May 2016, after which Chance stepped in to fill the baritone spot, also giving Tim more opportunities to show off his extreme (five-octave) range, since Chance can also hit some very deep bass notes.

Also, since Home Free encourages people (at most venues…it depends on the venue itself sometimes) to record their concerts, you can find a HUGE variety of videos showing just how great these guys are in the live performance category.

Here’s a YouTube search result for…
Home Free Live

It will bring up some of their official videos, but also an array of their live presentations.

In May 2018, my daughter Judi, my grandson Harry, and I went to their concert in Brookings, SD. It was the most stupendous concert I have ever attended. The only thing I didn’t like was leaving! Seriously! Judi and I plan to go again in 2019, if at all possible.

Here’s one of Home Free’s original songs on YouTube:


Here’s one of their latest covers on YouTube:

“Man of Constant Sorrow”

Peter Hollens…

Patreon Page

I first saw Peter Hollens when someone posted a Christmas video on Facebook:

I shared it, and an old friend saw it, told me more about Peter, and pointed me at his YouTube channel (thank you very much, Chris McCullough). I started listening to one after another of his videos, but I didn’t become a patron until quite some time after I had become a patron for Home Free.

I do enjoy much of Peter’s music, but mostly the ones that he does with Tim Foust…these four:

The MobCave…

The Base Race Forum

I play two monthly Minecraft challenges on YouTube. One is the Minecraft Hardcore Challenge designed by Michael Deering (see my video playlists here). The other is Base Race by Edd Case, of The MobCave (see my video playlists here).

After playing the Base Race for several months, beginning in July 2016, Edd began his Patreon account. At first I made a $2/month pledge, but his job with our monthly special Minecraft map has been made harder than ever with the advent of Minecraft 1.13 (soon to change again). So in 2018, I changed to his Tier 2 level, and now give $5/month, just as with all of my other patreons.

Here are the videos that Edd posted that have to do with the September 2018 Base Race.

In the Random Draw videos, Edd makes a totally random decision about which base that was built two months previously will be the base used in the upcoming Base Race. As you’ll see in the one I linked here, it was my own build that won, for September’s challenge.

In the Announcement videos, Edd tells us what the upcoming Base Race will be named, and a tiny bit about what it will contain.

In Edd’s Episode 0, he gives us a smattering of information about the choices we will make in the upcoming Base Race. It’s quite important to watch that video, we’ve found, because of the wording on some of his hints!

Here’s my Playlist for the September Base Race (which was called SAFETY)…

The Hound + The Fox (aka FIFGEN FILMS)…

Website (Testimonials Page) for FIFGEN FILMS

The first time I was really aware of The Hound + The Fox (the + sign is pronounced “and”), was when someone pointed out that the couple acting out the mashup of two songs in the following Home Free video also were the couple who make up FIFGEN FILMS. They also produce their own wonderful music videos! That’s them (McKenzie and Reilly Zamber) in the cover photo for the video.

I didn’t become a patron right away, though I did subscribe to their YouTube channel, and began following their work. Early in 2018, I was finding that I liked their work more and more, so I became a patron. I have found that they are very personable, and that they interact with their patrons very closely–even the “smaller” ones like I am. It’s so much fun to see early previews of the work that will be published soon! I really hope you’ll check them out.

Here’s one of my favorites, of their recent videos. Watch the background carefully. This was filmed in the summer of 2018, when the wildfires in the Pacific NW were keeping the sky very smoky. They had to get the filming done on the day they did this, but almost weren’t able to, due to the smoke. It ended up, though, giving a quality to the finished product, that is just superb! BTW…when they talk at the end and show a list of their patrons, I’m not there, because (like most patreons) they only show their $50/video patrons and up.

Scott & Ryceejo…


In July 2018, Scott & Ryceejo (pronounced RICE-ee-joe) posted the following video. By the time it was published, I had become a patron, because I had gotten to see early versions and the behind-the-scenes presentations for it, from The Hound + The Fox. I absolutely had fallen in love with them, and I have totally enjoyed being a patron ever since. They are a lovely couple, and so friendly and wonderful to their patrons. Oh, and you’ll see their little girl Hosanna at the end of this video, which reminds me that McKenzie and Reilly have a little boy who’s about the same age as Scott and Ryceejo’s little girl.

Here’s one of their recent Disney mashups (the voice of their little girl was actually her grandma’s voice I believe)…

This is one of their most recent videos, showing off their instrumental skills, which they haven’t done before (I set it to start at the actual intro to the song)…

This last one is a “home video” of their first live performance, in July 2018 (they will be doing more of them, in the future–beginning with a couple from their upcoming Christmas album, in December.

There you have it! These are my favorite people to listen to, and my favorite Minecraft map-maker. I hope maybe I’ve inspired you to become a patron for someone you really enjoy on YouTube (very many of those people have Patreon accounts), or for someone else you may know of who could use your support. 🙂