Grandma’s Got Grace

My name is Linda Wingfield. I am 73 years old, a Spirit-filled Christian, one of five siblings (only three of us currently remain here on Earth), married (to my “second-and-forever” husband David) for 39 years, mother of six (one = his; four = mine; one = ours; all = adults with their own spouses & children), grandmother of 22, great-grandmother of five; and “aunt” to a growing number of cats, and assorted other animals (including a variable amount of chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, and two turkeys). We live on a small (8.5-acre) hobby farm in the furthest NE corner of South Dakota, U.S., with our youngest daughter, her husband, and their eight children.

My personal website is Linda’s Place, at: Its first page will tell you more about the above statements, and will also lead you to my life’s interest BLOGS. Here on YouTube, I am also Grandma’s Gone Gaming, at: .

Grandma’s Got Grace can be found here:

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