TS4 World–NSC-01 (A Completed Project Originated by Neighborly SimsCraft in 2014)

I have compiled a brand new, whole world, unplayed version of the NSC-01 Project that we put together way back in 2014, shortly after TS4 was released. Most of the Lots & Sims are Base Game Only. A few of them have had updates made in my game, for one reason or another. A couple of them were only created recently, or are slightly-changed versions from other worlds where I have built them for various reasons, because we never, initially, filled Oasis Springs completely.

IMPORTANT…My game is updated to Version (for PC). I have licensed and installed all EPs (except Discover University), GPs (except Vampires and Realm of Magic), SPs, and Free Stuff.

IMPORTANT…Please note that this build has NOT had any neighborhood/world names changed. All of the neighborhoods are what EA gave them originally. All neighborhoods EXCEPT WILLOW CREEK AND OASIS SPRINGS, in this world, are EMPTY…EXCEPT FOR the hidden lots (which include the “vanilla” lots for the Go To Work EP, the special parts of a few lots in Windenburg and StrangerVille, and any lot that takes special achievements to reach, from the Base Game onward).

Here are photos of the emptied and refilled Willow Creek.

DOWNLOAD the Willow Creek .pdf file (from April 2018) that you can print if you like. In addition to the lot info shown in the above gallery, it also contains information about every individual Sim residing in Willow Creek.

Here are photos of the emptied and refilled Oasis Springs.

DOWNLOAD the Oasis Springs .pdf file (from April 2018) that you can print if you like. In addition to the lot info shown in the above gallery, it also contains information about every individual Sim residing in Oasis Springs.

DOWNLOAD the full world. Its slot has been renamed to: Slot_0000000d.save. It’s extremely unlikely that you have a slot already filled with that file name, but you can check inside of your tray ahead of time, just to make sure. There is only the one file inside the .zip package. Once you unzip the package (to a safe place) COPY that single file into your game’s TRAY (which is inside your Sims 4 game files, in your DOCUMENTS folder). Once copied in there, when you open your game, it will show up in the LOAD menu, for you to open and use. After it’s loaded, you can play and save the world any way that you want. Your game will treat it exactly the same way it would if it were one you had previously saved while playing. I would suggest keeping the downloaded world file on hand, somewhere, so you can use it to create another unplayed version of the world any time you would like. In my own game, I simply use the SAVE AS feature when I use the world for a new project, which then leaves the original world just as you will find it here, and always in your game for another world “save as.”

IMPORTANT…Because all of the neighborhoods have been emptied of all but the hidden Lots, if you plan to use this world to build things in San Myshuno, you will ALSO need to download some files that I have uploaded to the Gallery, unless you have already saved these special “rooms” into your own Library. They are the SIX Elevators and their accessories for the multi-level apartments. You should download them ALL, so you have them when you need them.

To download them in-game, open the Gallery, search for my EA ID (lindawing), then scroll down until you see all six of the “PENTHOUSE STUFF” files, and grab them from there. They will go into your Library, and then be available in Saved Rooms, for you to use.

To download them when you’re NOT in the game, Go to the Online Gallery ( https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery ), and SIGN IN. Then do the following steps:

(1) Click the BROWSE tab.
(2) Pull down the menu at the left side of the search box, and choose EA ID.
(3) Type in my ID (lindawing)
(4) Choose the Category: Room
(5) Under the Advanced pull-down tab, be sure that “Maxis Curated is NOT checked.
(6) Click SEARCH (far right)
(7) You’ll see all of the “PENTHOUSE STUFF” files pop up (plus one apartment I saved).
(8) Click the “Add to my Downloads” button for each one.
(9) When you go into the game the next time, they will all have been added to your Saved Rooms in the BUILD menu.

I created this YouTube video to “advertise” this world download, if you’d like to watch it.

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