The Sims 4–Completely Empty World for Download

This is a completely EMPTY new world for TS4. Each lot (both residential and community, for each neighborhood) have been emptied of buildings and Sims, and renamed EMPTY. In the newest versions of this world, all community lots have been changed to Residential (you may always change the type of any lot on any TS4 map). Since the newest versions of TS4 also include terrain manipulation, all lots have been leveled (all terrains may be changed at your will). There is nothing built on any of these lots, as you can see by the following screenshot gallery. I did this initially for myself, since I really dislike having to bulldoze lots every time I want to just build something new!

Lotza Stuff is the ONLY Sim currently in this world (she is in the “unplayed” bin). The only reason she’s there, is because the world has to have at least one Sim attached, in order to be a viable world. So I created Lotza, and made sure all other households were deleted, before I saved the world.

Here’s how Lotza looks (basically) (she reminds me quite a lot of my granddaughter, Crystyl, actually). I chose all of her clothing through her Party clothing, but during the ensuing time, every time I’ve updated the world, the game has given her the rest of her clothing…not too bad, thankfully! 😀

NOTE: At some point, I changed some of Lotza’s clothing and her hairdo, and I haven’t updated them for these photos. She’s still the same basic Sim, though, and she has LOTZA Simoleons with which to build houses!

Lotza Stuff–Closeup


Lotza Stuff–Everyday; Formal; Athletic; Sleep; Party; Swimwear; Hot Weather; Cold Weather

Because all of the neighborhood has been emptied of all but the hidden Lots, if you plan to use this world to build things in San Myshuno, you will ALSO need to download some files that I have uploaded to the Gallery, unless you have already saved these special “rooms” into your own Library. They are the SIX Elevators and their accessories for the multi-level apartments. You should download them ALL, so you have them when you need them.

To download them in-game, open the Gallery, search for my EA ID (lindawing), then scroll down until you see all six of the “PENTHOUSE STUFF” files, and grab them from there. They will go into your Library, and then be available in Saved Rooms, for you to use.

To download them when you’re NOT in the game, Go to the Online Gallery
( ), and SIGN IN. Then do the following steps:

(1) Click the BROWSE tab.
(2) Pull down the menu at the left side of the search box, and choose EA ID.
(3) Type in my ID (lindawing)
(4) Choose the Category: Room
(5) Under the Advanced pull-down tab, be sure that “Maxis Curated is NOT checked.
(6) Click SEARCH (far right)
(7) You’ll see all of the “PENTHOUSE STUFF” files pop up (plus one apartment I saved).
(8) Click the “Add to my Downloads” button for each one.
(9) When you go into the game the next time, they will all have been added to your Saved Rooms in the BUILD menu.

To find out exactly how to add any one of these versions of the EMPTY world into your game, please watch the following video.

TS4 Tutorial–World Saving and Sharing

DOWNLOADS by DATE CREATED (created before April 2015) (created before April 2015)


This world will be updated every now and again, as I purchase new packs that contain new worlds.

I will never purchase Vampires, Realm of Magic, or any other “supernatural” releases with their special worlds.

If you have any of those (or anything else that isn’t yet released as of this update (02/28/2023), the very latest version of the EMPTY world will work for you. It will just show the other neighborhoods with the original EA lots. You can easily empty them yourself, and re-save the world to use for later saves. Just remember to always save OVER the world to keep it updated as a template world, but SAVE AS (make a new save) for worlds you intend to develop and play.

26 Replies to “The Sims 4–Completely Empty World for Download”

  1. Hi Linda. Your work is great. I love your creations and the empty worlds. I also love your work in the Sims 2 as well. Reading your hobbies etc., you remind me of myself. I am 53 and I started with Pong and Combat in the Atari age and never looked back either. I do the same exact hobbies, except one of kite flying, but love crocheting, cross stitching, anything computer and all the Sims, mainly building and looking at other players’ creations. There is one neighborhood that I had downloaded several years ago that you made and I have lost it on a died computer and wondered if you have it for download on a hosting website like mediafire or some other site. The simwiki weblink for the neighborhood is dead. The name of the neighborhood is Twisted Valley. I would really love to see that neighborhood again. Thank you and wishing you the best of health and keep up the great creations.

    1. I’m really glad you commented here, Michele. It just made me realize I haven’t paid attention to this page at ALL, for quite some time! So I’ll soon be uploading the newest version of the EMPTY world, which I actually just updated a few weeks back, in my own game.

      As for Twisted Valley–wasn’t that in TS3 or TS2? I’m making a note right now, to search through old files, to see if I can find it, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s always lovely to meet people who love to create! 😀

  2. Michele–I have found the Twisted Valley (N127) files on my computer. There is one with all of the regular Sims in it, and there’s a second one that contains the Sims we added.

    I have compressed them into 7Zip files, that I can upload through my media files. If you want them, let me know, and I will get them uploaded right away.

    I use PeaZip for packaging things. It’s a free download at:

    I’m not sure how things will look in the world, since there was a lot of CC used in it. I DO have a file on my computer that has ALL of the stuff I used, but I’m not sure I could get that to you. (I’d probably just have to package the different things in it in separate Zip or 7Zip files)

    Still…you’d at least have the world, and could work with it on your own, from there.

    1. Thank you so much for your help. The Twisted Valley I found on my external drive somehow does not have the character sims you added. I have all the stealth hood families. I think, I remember families or single sims in the family bin. I think there was a lady sailor and a male pirate with a pegged leg and seems like an elder male sailor. I think there were 2 households living on lots and the rest were in the family bin. I would really appreciate if you would upload the Twisted Valley with the characters you added. I go though phases from Sims 2 and Sims 4 to my other hobbies, but the past couple of months, I have been burned out from seeing the same neighborhoods in sims 2 and would really like to explore another neighborhood. My Origin logon for Sims 4 has been slowing my old laptop down so much for the past few months that I lose interest by the time I get Origin logged in. That was an awesome idea of making an empty save and thank you for sharing and Twisted Valley too. I will download Peazip and look forward to exploring Twisted Valley.

  3. Here’s what I THINK was the final version of Twisted Valley–without the special characters:

    Here’s the file WITH the special characters:

    Let me know if you want me to bundle up any of the CC that might be necessary.


    Regarding Origin–I don’t know if you know that EA is discontinuing it very soon.

    For TS3, you need to download the new EA App. Once you’ve installed it and it picks up your games, it works WAY faster than Origin ever did. It’s fairly simple to figure out.

    At first, you’ll want to go to the Library, and either download or play whatever games you already have purchased. TS2 is listed to download, so it looks like you’ll still be able to play it. That’s good!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much. I just downloaded both versions of the neighborhood and have a couple of copies stored on computer and stored a copy of each version on my external drive in case computer finally gives out. That would be great if you would send the cc for the neighborhood to see the full effect. I think a little more cc would not hurt it worse than it already is, because my Downloads folder is way out of control already at 7.2 GB with 39,996 files, but it could probably handle a little more. I actually have been spring cleaning for the past 2 weeks going through the Downloads folder with Clean Installer and moving a lot of cc to external drive and got it down to 6.3 GB and run it back up there. A few months before that, it had got up to almost 10 GB and my hard disk was almost out of space, so I really had to do some moving files. I really need to stop browsing and looking at all the houses and cc, because I keep downloading and then go all into the game configuration files and Windows files trying to improve the game on a 12-year-old laptop. lol Thank you so much and I am on my way to load the game and explore the neighborhood and while my game loads for 30 minutes, I can get dinner cooked. lol Thank you.

  4. OK…I will see how I need to round up all the CC and divide it up into smaller parts. I could upload the whole bunch, probably, if I go the harder route and go through my website actual files management system.

    If I can, I’ll do it through the WordPress system, which is the background for my Linda’s Place ( site.

    I’ll let you know when I’ve accomplished it.

    Also, I just timed going into TS4 through the EA App. It took less than a minute for the app to load and be ready for instructions. When I hit PLAY for TS4, it opened the game interface in just about a minute. Then the game took one more minute to be ready to play.

    Even when the EA App has an update for itself, it never takes more than five minutes to download the files and maybe another minute to then “open for business.” If there are game updates, it’s about the same. Even when ordering a new Pack or Kit through the EA App, it’s TONS faster than through Origin.

    I was going to go ahead and install TS2, just to see how long that takes, but then I realized that I really don’t want to take the time after it’s installed, to update it to all the stuff I have for it, so…I’m just leaving it alone (at least for now). 😀

    1. My Sims 4 and Origin open fast. I use Lazy Duchess RPC Launcher for my Sims 2 that way I do not have to go through Origin. Origin running in the background slows my computer down, so I usually get game going and close Origin. I have not installed the EA App. I hope my games from Origin are still there. Even with RPC Launcher, my Sims 2 game loads slow due to the large Downloads folder. Every time I shave or compress the files and get the folder to smaller GBs, I go on a cc spree and add back to it. 🙁 Thanks again for the neighborhood, got UID number changed in SimPE and going to launch the game.

  5. Here are the 7z downloads for the meshes and the recolors.

    I’m sorry to say that I no longer remember exactly what has to happen with these, so I’m hoping you are familiar with all of that. Otherwise, I’m not quite sure what else I should be looking for.

    If you find that you need something else, just ask. As long as I know what it is I should be looking for, I’ll probably have it and will be able to upload it. 😀

    1. Whoa! Well you did warn me that there were a lot of files. lol Amazing job of zipping and uploading all those files. Very organized and neat and a lot of them. Thank you for taking the time to do that. If I would have known just how many files, I would never asked to see them. I downloaded them very quick and thought it was going to be an easy extract to Downloads folder and after unzipping, there were .zips and .rars inside the zips and wrars. Then I had to start with unzipping those and extracting to a designated N127cc file inside Downloads and after unzipping, then I saw a lot of .package files, and they were the .package files that were inside the .zips lol. I should have started with extracting those to the designated cc folder, but then I would still have checked inside the .zips. There were 2 folders, Recolors #3 and #4 that were .png and .jpgs. so I did not have to do anything with them. I did view all the .jpgs and .pngs and they are amazing. You all did a great job and a lot of work in that neighborhood. When I first downloaded Twisted Valley several years ago, I must have got a copy that did not have the cc. I can’t wait to see it. Going to load the game this time. I said that a message ago, then I forgot I had to download and unzip all the files before. Great job and thank you.

  6. Thank you. I am going to load the neighborhood today. After my game finally loaded, I did not see the neighborhood, so I closed out and opened simPE and went through all my neighborhoods, about 40, and it shared the same UID as another neighborhood, so I changed it to one not matching any other neighborhood so should load now. I saw and remember the characters, the lady sailor, the pirate, and the older male sailor. I never got to play the neighborhood years ago. I had finally got a beach lot lighthouse in place and moved the older male sailor in and left him obsessing over building sandcastles lol, and I closed out my game to go find the less obsessive beach activities mod, and got carried away doing other things. I am going to move him into the lighthouse or with his fancy suit and sailor hat, move him into a nice house I downloaded that looks like a real yacht. I also found a house made like the game’s pirate ship and going to move the pirate into that. Great characters and seems like it is going to be an even greater neighborhood. All the cc and meshes might belong for any houses in place in the neighborhood. I think I remember a few houses the last time I loaded the game. Thank you and I will download the 7zip files for just in case. Thank you again for the nice neighborhood.

  7. Understood about Origin! I’ve been really glad to not have to have it running in the background. EA App is nowhere near as huge of a memory hog, thankfully.

    So glad you got the UID fixed. I had forgotten all about that kind of thing.

    You’ve had me thinking back to when the original game came out. I bought it for my youngest daughter, whom I was then homeschooling (8th grade) for the second year. She is an artist (her dad and I both are, and everyone way back in both families…so not very surprising). We all love a LOT of different methods of producing art–any way we can. She wanted to design houses, and she needed to learn geometry at that time (later, trig).

    I first bought her The Sims, and then we were able to purchase a fairly inexpensive house design CAD program, so she could create ROUND houses (always her favorites).

    Since those days, we’ve both played all the Sims games and the Sim City games, and a lot of other EA games–including racing stuff. She now has 8 kids, and in addition to Minecraft, they all play a TON of other similar types of games, and two of the kids are into all sorts of different mods. The 13-year-old is BOUND to be a programmer as he gets older. He thinks it’s really fun to come back to our “in-law” quarters and talk basic progamming with me. He passed me up LONG ago, though! 😀

    Five-year-old Abigail (next to youngest) will turn six on the 28th of April, and she can hardly wait to get Grandma’s six-year-old gift: her own Minecraft persona. She’s a wonderful little artist, in her own right, and even three-year-old Eliel loves to sit on my bed with Abi, and the two of them cook up all sorts of fun artistry. That little guy also has perfect pitch and a vocabulary that is hard to believe, and he LOVES to sing. He learns songs like the first time through, and he will even know all the words and carry the tune when one or more of us jump into harmony! He amazes us, and we love it!

    Anyway…sorry to run on for so long. I look forward to hearing how everything goes with the residents of Twisted Valley!

    1. Wow! You sure do have a large talented family! It is amazing how young children like automatically know how to handle game controllers, all the letter buttons and combination of buttons to push to make the character on the game do something. I have 2 young men. One is 30 and the other son died 3 years ago and would be 24. He was in to guns and was trained and knew the safety of using it and a friend came over and he was showing him his knew AK-47, which I did not know at all that he had purchased a weapon like that, and he thought the gun was empty and forgot about the one in the chamber and his friend hit the trigger and it went off and shot my son in the abdomen. He had numerous surgeries and paralyzed for a while but might could have walked, but his foot was bent like a taco. Following one of the surgeries, gallbladder, it became infected and killed him 2020. Worst part was him being in the hospital and Covid had the hospitals on lockdown when he died. My husband, died 3 years before in 2017, and he would be 73, actually the same age as you with his birthday in December of 1949. My other son plays a lot of Playstation games and chess sometimes, but his main thing he does is talk everything sports, mainly basketball. He collects a lot of trading cards and sells some on E-Bay. We are a rather small family now, mother died in 2017 and father is still alive but, they divorced in 1985 when I was 15 and with us kids choosing to live with our mother, because you had to choose one, he divorced us too and has had nothing to do with us 4 since. I have a twin brother named Michael and a sister one year younger and a brother 2 years older. The oldest, along with my father, are artists and draw. My twin was a bricklayer and my sister is a medical transcriptionist, which I was also until I became disabled. My 2 brothers have no kids. My twin lost his wife last month and they had no kids. My sister has 2 sons as well, but they live with their father, so my sister and I live together, so basically just us 3 siblings and my son and 2 nephews. I took computer repair and networking and wanted to do CAD but at the time could not afford the program. That is what I like about Sims 2 is the architectural side of the game with it built in and love to decorate houses and landscape them. When not doing that, I crochet and cross stitch or play chess or backgammon. I love wood working too, but do not have the equipment to do it. I was in shop in junior high, the only girl lol, because they got the names mixed up and spelled my brothers name wrong, so they had Michele instead of Michael, so I took it and the next class took home economics and my brother chose basketball. lol They asked if I wanted to change to something else, but I chose to stay because it was fun making a foot stool and took a lawnmower engine apart and put together and made it run. Whoa! Sorry for going on so long! I have one question about Twisted Valley. I got my game and neighborhood to load and in the build/buy mode, I see a lot of the cc, but like all the signs and prison cc, boats, etc., none of them show up on the neighborhood and were there any lots, residential or community lots that come with the neighborhood or just the characters in the family bin? I had to modify the neighborhood terrain to install a beach lot residential lot which was made into a yacht for the elder man with the captains hat on, so that was fun with the modifyNeighborhoodTerrain with the [ ] \ up or down and smooth to get it to fit. Then after it loaded and had to paint half of the yacht, guess the wall cc did not get downloaded, and before I could save and exit, the game crashed. Anyway, I am going to try and go finishing painting that boat and move that captain in and then install another beachlot of a wooden-looking pirate ship for the pirate character and find homes for the other residents. I made a copy neighborhood folder with the Bulk Rename program and went into SimPe and changed the neighborhood type to suburb so I can use it as a subhood to another neighborhood. One more thing I just thought about. I was wondering if you remember a Sims 2 neighborhood named Morewood. I come across a post at The Sims Resource site back when they first uploaded that neighborhood around 2009. I did not start playing Sims until 2014, so I missed all of these neighborhoods and most of the links on different websites are dead and the download link for Morewood is dead on about 3 different links. You would not happen to have a copy of that neighborhood do you? I read the about the neighborhood and characters and sounds like a pretty good neighborhood too. Thank you again for Twisted Valley, going to try my luck again without the game crashing, but I definitely need to shave off about half of my downloads folder, but this old laptop is struggling. lol

  8. Wow! I’m glad you and your sister can live together, and that Michael is still available to you, as well. So, so sorry to hear about your son and all the problems made even worse with all the stupidity that went on with the Covid stuff (grrr). 🙁

    I’ve actually worked in a position doing medical transcription, a long, long time back (in my early 20s)! It’s been a long time, but when you mentioned that, my mind jumped back to those days and I started seeing medical terms running across my brain! 😀 That was back in the days when I would get either hand-written reports to work from, and/or oral reports fed into the very, very new trascription machines that were available back then. My oldest daughter does both transcription and insurance work for clinics in her area (coastal Washington State).

    I took half a semester of wood shop in 1964, when I was in 8th grade. In Old Valdez, Alaska, that particular year, the school had started a new thing: the boys were expected to take a semester of Home Ec, and the girls were required to take a semester of either auto mechanics or wood shop. That year, we got to study engraving and leatherworking in shop. I had a head start on all that, anyway, with my dad being a cabinetmaker/carpenter/builder, who also did just about any other maintenance tasks for people in our very small town (less than 1000 residents that year).

    Unfortunately, that was the year of the Big Alaska Earthquake (my story of our family’s experience with that, is in this section on this site: — along with an article I wrote called “Alaska–All the Colors of White.”)

    What day in December was your husband born? My birthdate is 11/29/1949.

    My day passed away in 1973, at age 54. Unfortunately, he had abused his lungs with nicotine from the time he was 13 or 14 years old, and had been a heavy drinker until about 1966, when he finally ditched the alcohol totally. By the time he died, he looked more like he was at least 70, due to all those years (sigh).

    I thought you might be interested in watching/listening to my latest Grandma’s Got Grace video, in which I talk about a dream vision I had (and documented) a year ago, in which I saw and HEARD bricks being laid (which my dad used to do, and I loved to watch and hear). No worries if you don’t want to, but I thought it might interest you. You can read it here on the website, at: and you can click the link to it at the top of the page, to watch it on YouTube, or you can just go to it directly on YouTube, at:

    Regarding things that might not be visible in Twisted Valley, I’m thinking you may need to have to place the graphics files (all created by me) somewhere, because the meshes need them, in order to be visible…I think. I’m sorry I don’t remember more about all of that (sigh).

    I’m not familiar with Morewood, so sorry…can’t help with anything about that one.

    Regarding creating digital artwork, have you seen this section of this site:

    I haven’t updated with any of my latest stuff, but at least you can see things up until about November of 2022.

    No worries if you don’t want to go into any of those things…just thought you might be interested. 😀

  9. Hi again. My first husband’s birthday is November 30th. My second husband’s birthday was December 9, 1949. They called him Jackie, and he was a long-haul truck driver. I made several trips with him before he retired and went to most every state or through the states, but Alaska was not one of them. I followed several of your links above, still about three more to go, and read about the earthquake you and your family experienced. My grandmother told me after I got my first full length strand of gray hair at age 18 that it was a sign of maturity and wisdom, and you sound like a very intelligent, overly intelligent lady through all of your writings along with your other talents and skills. I watch a few house shows on HGTV, and one is based on houses in Alaska, which is a beautiful state with a whole different environment from most other states. I saw the beautiful pictures of Alaska that your brother took and the music video, and they are awesome. My late husband and I lived just outside of Buffalo, NY for 8 years, but the winters got to us, so we finally moved back south to my home in Mississippi. We were living in NY when Katrina hit, and Hurricane Camille was about 3 years before my time, but it happened right after my parents got married, and they drove down to see it. No winters down here for sure, but we do have to dodge hurricanes and tornadoes and try to keep cool.

    That’s great about you and the spelling bee. I wish I would have put more effort into school when I was in school, but I did not like to go, not because of the work or teachers, but because of some of the other kids. Kids can be mean and bully and pick at you for anything and everything, from my curly “big hair,” even though they bought perms to make their hair big, to my height, which the boys liked, but not the bully girl who wanted to fight me every time she saw me, literally from the first time she saw me when we first moved when I was in the 3rd grade and she was in the 6th grade. I think she was 13 at the time, and I was 9 and the same height as she was. I ended up being the tallest girl in school at 6 feet, and my twin brother was 6’2. I did accomplish a few things in school, science project twice, a spelling bee once (misspelled a word once for a class spelling bee to avoid having my picture posted because my hair did not fit in the picture). lol I played softball for several years for the city but did not go further in that and play for the school, because I avoided school. lol I got passing grades when I went, but I failed twice because I missed more than the number of days allowed, so I was 20 when I graduated, and the bully was gone! I would love to go back in time and go back to school and have done things differently and not let picking and a bully bother me, and enjoy school.

    So you were a medical transcriptionist too! I transcribed pathology at a hospital here in the early 90s and at the pathologist’s private lab, and then did medical transcription online and medical editing of voice recognition when I lived in NY, and pathology transcription again for the same doctors when I moved back until I became disabled. I loved the pathology transcription, but the medical transcription was harder with keeping up with all the medications and dosages, etc.

    Well, I’m off to check out GrannyGoneGaming! lol Then, I am off to gaming, but I am not a granny yet; maybe one day! lol

  10. I’m feeling like we have been almost the same person in parallel worlds! Wow! My first husband’s birthday is June 21, and my (second, now and forever) husband’s is May 22. Interestingly, his sister’s birthday is July 21, and so is my brother Gary’s birthday–four years later than Ethel’s birthday.

    Bullies–been fighting them all my life (sigh). I did make it through–mainly because of my Dad, who would stand in for me, if necessary…bullies backed off in a hurry when that happened. He was never mean, just stern, and strong. He got into plenty of fights himself (sigh), when he was drinking…which he finally quit, but then died. Anyway…he went into the army as soon as age permitted, and was in the first troops that went overseas in WW2. He was in the mobile unit that followed Patton everywhere, and he HIGHLY-respected the General. I’m really glad he did, because that also meant he drilled us in patiotism and being a good citizen. 😀

    My son-in-law (husband to my middle daughter) Troy’s birthday is December 9! He was born in 1968–the same year as my oldest daughter Jennie, but almost exactly 11 months apart (hers is January 7).

    Troy’s wife (my middle daughter) is…Jackie!!! Her birthday is tomorrow. I will be sending her greetings around midnight. I’m a night owl, and right now is my morning, usually (it’s 6:22 PM here).

    Jen’s older stepson is a…truck driver.

    I’ve never been to Mississippi (which I know how to spell because of my Mom, who learned it as “Mi crooked-letter crooked-letter i crooked-letter crooked-letter i humpback humpback i” back when she was in grade school (about 100 miles from here where we live in SD).

    I’m always praying for you guys in MS, when I see the bad weather getting close. Having been through quite a few disasters in my own life, I’m always on the lookout for stuff like that.

    You would tower over me (now, after RA and having two hips replaced, and an abdominal surgery (tubes tied after Judi was born) getting messed up and not having much abdominal strength left, I’m barely 5′ tall. I used to be 5′ 2-12″. At least, now I can walk on my own again, for short distances, and I’m not bent into a sitting shape, sort of halfway standing up, thankfully!

    My husband is 6′ 1-1/2″, and so is my son-in-law (Judi’s husband). The 15-year-old grandson, Harry III, is about 1/2″ away from that height, now, as well, though his almost-19-year-old half-brother (the oldest–Ethan) is about 5′ 10″ which is what my dad was, and so is my brother Gary (the photographer).

    Judi, herself, is 5′ 10″ as well, so you two would be almost eye-to-eye!

    Oh…almost forgot…my husband’s first wife was…Michelle! (different spelling, but still another similarity in our lives, regarding names).

    Grey hair–even if the earthquake hadn’t quickened the process, I probably would have been very grey, early on, since that runs in Mom’s family, through HER mom’s family. Grandma Bennie’s hair was fully cotton-fluffy white, before she turned 60. My mom’s hair, on the other hand, was only a tiny bit grey when she passed away at age 89!

    Thanks for chatting with me, here. It’s been really fun! HUGS!!!

  11. It really does seem like bits are scattered over parallel worlds. LOL at tower over you with my height. :joy: I used to worry about my height, but sometimes it comes in handy when not even trying. I had a few coworkers tell me that I look intimidating and just the way that I stand that I look like I am ready to kick butt, which is not in me, but to others who do not know, they might think so. Your grandson is tall. I think the new generations are getting taller, maybe from all if the steriods in food supply chain. My son, who is 30 now, wore a men’s shoe size of 14 when he was age 14 and was 6 feet. He now wears a size 15 and about 6’3.

    My husband that died, his wife before I came along died and her birthday was February 10, which is one day before mine on the 9th. I think he said his first wife’s birthday was February 7th.

    It sounds like you had a great dad and handled problems of bullies, etc. Mine was the polar opposite and might have been on the bullie’s side. School officials and juvenile department at police department said that our dad was the strictest, weirdest man they had ever come across and that he would make a great warden at a penitentiary and my mother said is is basically a warden at home. He switched the bedroom doorknobs so he can lock it from the outside. When one of us 4 kids got a beaten, he made the rest of us, including neighborhood kids who come over to play kickball or baseball, stand and watch and tell us to point and laugh. He would out his longer nails into your wrists while taking you down to his room to get the belt for a beating and the imprints were deep in the meat that caused it to scab and the school called over oldest brother because they saw him wearing long sleeves during summertime. All of the beatings were from either watching Sesame Street,which he said was silly and to turn it off or his ultimate hate was the TV had a black person on it. My twin brother and dad literally had a fist fight in front of me when we were 14 because my daddy put Michael’s new 13-inch;TV in the bed of his pickup truck because he saw him watching TV and a black baseball player was at bat, then it rained the next day and Michael went looking for his TV and they had it. Juvenile authorities told my mother that she needs to do something before someone gets killed, so she divorced him. He is in his 80s now and still thinks of us back as teenagers back in the 80s. We used to go and try to visit but everytime it ends up bashing our mother, or asking us if we still do or watch etc with black people etc. snd if you say yes, then we are crazy like our mother and we would leave. Definitely a weird one. Anyway, have a good day, going to get my mind on some happy thoughts of simming!

  12. I know way too many people who have had similar experiences as your own, with either a father or a mother. I’m really glad your mother got you all out from underneath it, at least. HUGS!!!

    1. There sure are. I try to see if he ever will turn around a couple of times a year to see if his mind or memories have diminished but have not. He is 87 and still acting the same. As soon as I knock and anounce myself, he backs his wheelchair and rolls out of the room so that you cannot see him through the windows or door, so we are like, oh well and we leave.

  13. This is by far the most heartwarming thread I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading on the internet.

    1. The worlds themselves only come in with expansion packs. All I do is take out every pre-built lot, and clear out the extra Sims, so that people may take the empty world, make their own Sims to inhabit it, and build every lot personally.

      When we used to have the Neighborly Sims site, we would do teamwork worlds, like the one at:

      You don’t need any of the files here, if you want to just do it yourself. Just open your game up and go to each of the “worlds”/”neighborhoods” and completely empty them. Then go to the place where the extra Sims are kept for each neighborhood (sorry…my brain is dead right now…can’t even think of the name of that holding place…oops!), and delete all of the Sims who were put there by EA. Create your own first owner, and go from there.

      We used to make up a story for every neighborhood.

      One thing we also had done, for the original Sims, then Sims 2, then Sims3, and we endeavored to do it in Sims 4, was make a MONOPOLY map. I have most of them on my computer still, but since it’s impossible to run the original Sims any longer, on newer computers, and it takes some doing to get either Sims 2 or Sims 3 to work on anything past Windows 7, they are pretty useless (sigh).

      They were fun in the building, though.

  14. Does this add additional blank versions of the worlds (like a duplicate) or just a new save with cleared worlds?

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