The Sims 4–Completely Empty World for Download

This is a completely EMPTY new world for TS4. Each lot (both residential and community, for each neighborhood) have been emptied of buildings and Sims, and renamed EMPTY. In the newest versions of this world, all community lots have been changed to Residential (you may always change the type of any lot on any TS4 map). Since the newest versions of TS4 also include terrain manipulation, all lots have been leveled (all terrains may be changed at your will). There is nothing built on any of these lots, as you can see by the following screenshot gallery. I did this initially for myself, since I hate having to bulldoze lots every time I want to just build something new!

Lotza Stuff is the ONLY Sim currently in this world (she is in the “unplayed” bin). The only reason she’s there, is because the world has to have at least one Sim attached, in order to be a viable world. So I created Lotza, and made sure all other households were deleted, before I saved the world.

Here’s how Lotza looks (she reminds me quite a lot of my granddaughter, Crystyl, actually). I chose all of her clothing through her Party clothing, but during the ensuing time, every time I’ve updated the world, the game has given her the rest of her clothing…not too bad, thankfully! 😀

Lotza Stuff–Closeup


Lotza Stuff–Everyday; Formal; Athletic; Sleep; Party; Swimwear; Hot Weather; Cold Weather

Because all of the neighborhood has been emptied of all but the hidden Lots, if you plan to use this world to build things in San Myshuno, you will ALSO need to download some files that I have uploaded to the Gallery, unless you have already saved these special “rooms” into your own Library. They are the SIX Elevators and their accessories for the multi-level apartments. You should download them ALL, so you have them when you need them.

To download them in-game, open the Gallery, search for my EA ID (lindawing), then scroll down until you see all six of the “PENTHOUSE STUFF” files, and grab them from there. They will go into your Library, and then be available in Saved Rooms, for you to use.

To download them when you’re NOT in the game, Go to the Online Gallery
( ), and SIGN IN. Then do the following steps:

(1) Click the BROWSE tab.
(2) Pull down the menu at the left side of the search box, and choose EA ID.
(3) Type in my ID (lindawing)
(4) Choose the Category: Room
(5) Under the Advanced pull-down tab, be sure that “Maxis Curated is NOT checked.
(6) Click SEARCH (far right)
(7) You’ll see all of the “PENTHOUSE STUFF” files pop up (plus one apartment I saved).
(8) Click the “Add to my Downloads” button for each one.
(9) When you go into the game the next time, they will all have been added to your Saved Rooms in the BUILD menu.

To find out exactly how to add any one of these versions of the EMPTY world into your game, please watch the following video.

TS4 Tutorial–World Saving and Sharing

DOWNLOADS by DATE CREATED (created before April 2015) (created before April 2015)

This world will be updated every time I purchase a new pack of any type that contains a new world. I don’t yet own Discover University, but I will, when the price gets reduced.

I will never purchase Vampires or Realm of Magic.

If you have any of those three (or anything else that isn’t yet released as I write this, the very latest version of the EMPTY world will work for you. It will just show the other neighborhoods with the original EA lots. You can easily empty them yourself, and re-save the world to use for later saves. Just remember to always save OVER the world to keep it updated as a template world, but SAVE AS (make a new save) for worlds you intend to develop and play.

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