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Currently, the only other game for which I’ve made any YouTube videos is The Blockheads (for either Android or iPhone). There are only four videos existing (October 16, 2018), because my two hip surgeries in 2017 interrupted the flow of that, and then I was BETA-testing the newest version for a while. I’m no longer playing version 1.6 at all, so the four existing videos are the end of that series.

Now that 1.7 is out and stable, I intend to start over with a new Blockheads series, soon. I do enjoy the game (which is a 2D sidescroller that is somewhat similar to Minecraft).

There will probably only ever be a single playlist for The Blockheads. I’ll leave the older videos there, and will add any new ones to the same list.

More to come, as the months roll on…

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