Minecraft Video Playlists–Set #3–Base Race

The Base Race–a monthly challenge to be played in Minecraft–was invented by Edd Case, of TheMobCave. Here is Edd’s playlist for Season 2, which began in June 2016, with a slightly different setup than he had run for Season 1. Playing this challenge each month used to be one of my favorite things to do. Base Race has now ended, as far as new challenges are concerned, but you could always go and grab the old ones and play them, at any time.

The following group of playlists includes all of my Base Race videos (earliest at the top). If you watch anything and would like to either ask questions or otherwise comment, you are free to do so. Thanks for watching!

Missing October 2016, because I don’t “do” Halloween.

There was no January 2017 Base Race.

There’s a break in the months here, because on May 19, 2017 my right hip broke itself and I had to have emergency surgery. So the above playlist only includes four videos, rather than the nine or ten I had anticipated. I was in-hospital until mid-June, so didn’t get to do that series at all. Though my left hip was replaced in mid-July, I wasn’t able to get the July series finished before the surgery.


Missing October 2017, because I don’t “do” Halloween.

There was no January 2018 Base Race.


Missing October 2018, because I don’t “do” Halloween.

Base Race is no longer an ongoing challenge, so nor more series playlists for it will be posted here.

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