Minecraft Video Playlists–Set #2–MHC

The Minecraft Hardcore Challenge (MHC)–a monthly event–was invented by Michael Deering. He mails envelopes containing upcoming challenge possibilities to Bakerbelle, who chooses one by using a spinner with the names of the challenges attached. She then reads the contents to us, and posts the information in the description of her monthly announcement video. Playing the MHC each month is one of my favorite activities.

Here is the December 2018 MHC Announcement Video:

If you check out her channel about a week before the end of any month, you should find the announcement for the upcoming challenge.

Here is the Official Standard MHC Rules video (they are also always posted in Bakerbelle’s MHC Announcement video description):

The following group of playlists includes all of my MHC (Minecraft Hardcore Challenge) videos (earliest at the top). If you watch anything and would like to either ask questions or otherwise comment, you are free to do so. Thanks for watching!

There’s a break in the months here, because on May 19, 2017 my right hip broke itself and I had to have emergency surgery. So the above playlist only includes five videos, rather than the standard eight or nine. I was in-hospital until mid-June, so didn’t get to do that series at all. Though my left hip was replaced in mid-July, I was able to get the July series finished before the surgery.





I chose to opt out of the July 2019 MHC.

I skipped December 2019, because it was a role-play challenge, which I don’t do well.

I skipped January 2020, because my computer was down from mid-December 2019 thru late January 2020.

More to come, as the months roll on…

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