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This “photo” is a collage made from screenshots taken in Minecraft (the land–including the cow and the pumpkins in the back, the flowers all around the house, and the “bouquet” in the lady’s hands). The lady herself is one of the Sims created in The Sims 3 by my friend Patty (MamaLambNC, who has since passed away). The lady is wearing custom clothing created for TS3 by Lisa–ukpoppyberry–PoppyBerry, as she is known here). The house is one of the first builds I did for The Sims 4, shortly after it was released). PaintShop Pro made it easy to grab pieces of each screenshot I needed and put them all together neatly and cleanly.

I started gaming with Pong, a LONG time ago, and I’ve never looked back. I am 73 years old, married to my second (forever) husband (who is 69) for 39 years, Mom of six, Grandma of 22, & Great-Grandma to five. I’ve been “doing” computers since the MacPlus came out, and I built & ran Mac for many years. Now I’m a Windows user, but only because I can’t afford to have both!

I like many different PC games. Until 2015, I played WoW, but right now I can’t afford it. Maybe someday I’ll be back into it. My toons and guilds are still there…just waiting for me to be able to spend time with them again. In the meantime, I focus mainly on The Sims 4 and Minecraft.

I also have been an artist, crafts-person, musician, singer, and writer, most of my life. You can see some of my work on my personal website that is named Linda’s Place. It’s tagged, “I Was Thinking…” If you’d like to check it out, it can be found at:

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Laura Galbraith — These are for you…
“The Francys Fancy”

Here are some screenshots taken on 02/20/2024, while I was playing on my daughter Judi Francy’s Realm that she named “The Francys Fancy” (Judi and Harry have eight children, and every single one of them plays Minecraft, as do I). On a realm, you can have a full contingent of 10 players, and I am the ninth. I also have a realm that I started recently, that is called “LW and the Tribe,” that also has (the same) nine members.

Judi has always loved designing buildings, and she especially likes to build castles and the like. I had to travel quite a distance from my own farming village community that I’ve developed since joining the realm. I’ll add some photos from Linda’s Town, later.

There are more pictures, but these are some of the ones in Judi’s area of the realm, that reminded me of the architecture shown in the photos you sent me recently, from Great Britain.

They are examples of the kinds of buildings that Judi enjoys building. She has such a great eye for design. Getting the materials for all of these things is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of dedication. Every single block you see in here (other than the dirt or mountainsides that are innate in the game, that provide building materials) has to be mined, processed into building materials, then made into things like slabs, steps, windows, doors, etc. There are tons of varieties of blocks you can mine, and then tons more of types of building mats you can create. Once you have a good supply of what you have in your vision, you can START building, but generally speaking, you’ll STILL have to mine and fabricate a LOT, while building out the rest of your vision.

Judi made this world as in single-player mode, originally–beginning a couple of years back. Then, for her husband and all the kids, she presented the realm to them, as her Christmas gift to them all. Just recently, I was also invited, and I have a Farming Village quite a ways away from this flourishing kingdom center. I’ll post some photos of it at some point, as well, but I thought you might like to see what I meant about the architecture that Judi enjoys dreaming up and then building.

Clicking on a photo will switch to a larger view, for more detailed viewing.

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