Photographs by Gary H. Minish

May 18, 2021 Addition–

Gary has retired (April 16, 2021), and the company for which he worked for more than 43 years has honored him by creating a video with the photographs he gave them from his collection. You can read their tribute to him in the description of the YouTube video. Enjoy!!!

June 15, 2019 Addition–

Gary has gotten one of his photos as the header of an article about bird migration, in Audubon Magazine!!!


Original Post–November 26, 2018:

The following photos have been reduced in size to better showcase them here. If you’d like to see them larger (depending on your monitor) right-click and choose to view the image. For higher resolution versions, please click on the gallery links (if any) below the photos.

(Copyright 2009–Gary H. Minish) Displayed at & 500px

(Copyright Before 2009–Gary H. Minish)

(Copyright Before 2009–Gary H. Minish)


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  1. Thank you, Gary, for allowing these photos to be displayed here. I have the framed print of “Waking Up in New Clothes” (that you gave to Mom one Christmas, and I inherited from her) on my bedroom wall. It’s basically the last thing I see when I turn off my light before going to bed. 🙂

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