Miscellaneous Photos

This page is for any miscellaneous photos anyone wants to share.

I took this one on Thursday, 11/09/2023. It’s my grandson Ethan (19 years old) right after the song he was hoping would win Davi Vasc’s poll for this months music reaction. The song is “Reverberation” from The Library of Ruina game. When he found out that one of his favorite songs won the poll, he came back to play the song for me, and we listened to it (again), together. It’s a very nice piece of music. 😮

He was beaming when he came in, but when I got my phone ready to take his picture he got shy and the huge smile got tempered a bit. He still looked pretty happy, though.

He’ll be watching to watch Davi’s reaction, for sure. 😀 


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