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5 Replies to “Header Gallery”

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the sunrise/sunset photos and the ones with snow… The baby blanket is adorable (and very colorful), you have some pretty colors of DMC cross stitch floss too.. I tried to do cross stitch one time but I couldn’t figure out how to do it… The photo of you and your family at the farm house, I don’t now if that was your old house in Alaska or the one in South Dakota but it looks like a very nice, big house. Looks like it get quite cold in the late Fall through Winter… Your lucky to have such a nice piece of property. The Bishop’s Bread looks really good. And the photo of the chickens and the one random cute cat staring into the building.. Lol! How cute!

  2. BH…just read through your comment AFTER I e-mailed you about the picture of the farmhouse, after seeing a similar house on Simon K’s YouTube Channel (in the “Wayfaring Stranger” video).

    Such a small world, isn’t it? 😉

    I have more Header Gallery pictures to post, soon. Just need time to edit them to fit.

  3. In Headers #35 and #36, those double rainbows were not in any way meaning we’d see no more rain. They were portending the storm that has finally abated, now, on May 10, which dropped a LOT of rain, but thankfully NOT the snow that was originally forecast!!! Thank you, Lord!!! 🙂

  4. the rainbow is pretty… Last night, we had a lot of rain but since the sun cam out for a little, a massive rainbow formed in the sky (talking about width)… It was by far the biggest rainbow I had ever seen width wise.. sadly I didn’t get a picture because we were in a restaurant finishing up dinner, or in country folk terms, supper.

  5. BH–Our family calls it dinner, too. It’s kind of a conundrum with us. My folks were both raised right here in South Dakota, so they were raised with “supper,” as people here still are.

    However, my dad spent many years in the army (World War II), and after he and Mom were married after he got back from the war, they moved to California for a while, then back here to South Dakota, shortly after I was born, and just before my older-younger brother was born. Then they packed the two of us up and in 1951 we moved to Valdez, Alaska (that’s another story I need to tell sometime, on the website).

    Up there, it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have supper, you are probably having an early dinner at a restaurant, or something special like that, as in, “The store managers scheduled an invitational supper for its employees, for Christmas.”

    Living in California and Washington, it was still dinner. As soon as we moved back over here, we began to get “educated” about eating breakfast, dinner, and supper! What a change!

    When I had my right hip replaced in mid-2017, I was in a care center for two weeks after a week in the surgery hospital, then a week at our local hospital, because the surgery was done after the hip broke itself, and the left hip was still bent WAY forward, so the therapy at the care center (where my husband works in maintenance part-time, still, since retirement) was extended.

    It was REALLY hard for me to get used to being GOVERNED by those mealtimes! I kept thinking they were talking about the evening meal when they really were telling me it was time for lunch! 😉

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