Lighthouse on Sawblade

My sister Cindi sent me a photo of the lighthouse that I painted on a full sawmill blade. I believe the painting was done in 1991, shortly after the Glade Creek Grist Mill painting. It was a Christmas gift for Cindi and her husband Richard that year.

As I was cropping the photo and getting ready to upload it here, I Googled “lighthouses,” trying to find the one that I had drawn, then painted, from a calendar photo. I THINK I did a simplistic, stylized version of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Here’s a view from further into that site. It’s the closest one I can find to my completed work.

As with the Blade Creek painting, this one was also painted in acrylics, using a wet-on-wet technique similar to what you would use with oils, except that you have to work faster and have less of a margin of error before the whole thing is dry. One benefit of it, though, is that you can paint over a bad area if the texture you want isn’t too different. Plus, if necessary, you can scrape off and/or sand off an area–at least when your “canvas” is a piece of metal!

Lighthouse on Sawblade
(Copyright 1991–Linda A. Wingfield)

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