02/26/2022–Magpie and Moss

I’ve been waiting for the time when I could post my scan of this drawing/painting. It’s a mix of a background watercolor wash, with several different types of drawing media, and a bit of some of my Pentel Micro Correct White-Out as the snow on the branches (which are water-soluble ink, blended with a water brush).

This guy was a real pleasure to draw. He was given to my brother Gary Minish, as a LATE Christmas gift, which has now been received, so I’m safe to post the scan. He got the framed original. 😀

My inspiration was his photograph:

“Magpie and Moss”

NOTE: If you click on the photo below, you can see it full-size, on a separate page.

Drawing by Linda A. Wingfield Copyright 12/29/2021 Inspired by my brother Gary Minish’s Photo “Magpie and Moss” (https://500px.com/photo/312450345/magpie-and-moss-by-gary-minish)

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