Home Free Vocal Ranges Chart

In case any of you would like to see how Home Free’s ranges overlap, here’s a chart I put together after Adam Chance joined the group. Chris Rupp is included on the chart, so you can see the difference after the changeover.

NOTE: Clicking on the chart will open a new page with a larger version of just the following chart. Once there, if you click on it, you’ll get the full-size version.

DISCLAIMER: None of the photos belong to me and I don’t claim any copyright. They are all very public shots found all over the internet. They are shown here, to help you identify the initials on the chart by personage.

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    1. Thank you, sir. :slight_smile:

      I’ll have to be changing it again at the end of June. Austin Brown is leaving the group, now that he’s married (just last year). He’s been doing solo work (as they all have) for the past couple of years, and I’m sure he’ll be able to find something where he’s not away from home all the time.

      Vocal ranges have always interested me. I was singing before I was two, as well as playing accordion, piano, organ, trumpet/cornet, guitar, penny whistles, and recorders.

      I grew up in a music-filled house, out in the country, two miles outside of Old Valdez, Alaska. My mom played violin, ukelele, accordion, piano, organ, penny whistles, and recorders. My dad sang tenor, and LOVED singers like Ernie Ford. My two brothers and my sister all followed in my footsteps to play cornet or trumpet. I’m the only one who stayed with it, and when I turned 71, I bought myself a new one. I was doing pretty well with it until a year ago and then I sloughed off. I’ve picked it up again, though, as of two weeks ago…working on getting my lip back.

      I’ve been recuperating from rheumatoid arthritis since 2017 when both of my hip joints were replaced. I can stand and walk, though for long walks I still need a walker.

      I’ve regained much of my singing range (which used to be just over six octaves). I never lost my bass range, and I can hit and sustain the next-to-lowest note in Tim Foust’s range. I’m back up into second soprano, now, and still reaching for those REALLY high notes.

      I enjoyed watching a couple of your videos with your guitar. You may have seen my comments. Beautiful!

      Also…I love that you work with the children. What a blessing!

      My husband and I have six children all together (one his, four mine, and one ours), 22 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. We live with that youngest girl, her husband, and their eight children (aged nearly-19, down through just-four). Everyone sings and plays some type of instrument, even if just a tiny bit. The little guy (Eliel — which means God is my God) sings AMAZINGLY. He can hear just a couple of notes, pick up, and go from there.

      Anyway…have a great day, and thanks again, for checking out the range chart. :slight_smile:

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