04/11/2024 — Wesley Francy — Composer

One of my grandsons, Wesley, just turned nine on 03/23/2024 (not quite three weeks before I’m writing this. Yesterday (04/10/2024), he showed me the song he was composing in BeepBox. It wasn’t completed yet, but he finished it last night, and then, today, he told me the story of the part of “the game” where this music would be played. (By the way, he told me that this was NOT copied from something he had previously listened to. It came COMPLETELY out of his own brain.)

My Question: “What Game?”
Wesley’s Answer: “I don’t know. It hasn’t been invented yet!”
My Next Question: “Aha! So…do you plan to get Isaiah involved with this?
Wesley’s Answer: “Yes.”

Isaiah will turn 15 on 06/05/2024. He’s been learning to program since HE was around nine. He and Harry (who just turned 16 on 01/15/2024) also write music, which is one reason Wesley is now learning. Isaiah’s focus is mainly on creating games. He has yet to finish one, BUT…I’ve been informed that he and Harry ARE working on the game for which Wesley wrote this song!

Harry loves to play games (as does the whole family of 12 — two grandparents, two parents, and eight children), and he is also writing game music. He and his mom (my 38-year-old youngest daughter who is both an accomplished musician and singer, in her own right — following in her mother’s footsteps — grin) also love to “bend” existing songs for fun. For instance, they might both be singing a familiar song, together, and suddenly, one of them will decide to play and/or sing it in a minor key, if it was previously written in a major key, or vice versa.

Judi (Harry’s mom/my daughter) has also been composing since SHE was about nine years old. As she got older, she sometimes sang in church choir settings and played in her high school band (clarinet and flute) Sometimes she also played around with the piccolo, viola, penny whistles, plus learning to play keyboards of several different types. She wrote several short, completely orchestrated pieces, using Finale on her computer. I have many of those compositions on my computer. They are amazing. She’s never tried to sell anything, and the orchestral compositions have never been played in full, though she and her friends played around with them for a while. She just wanted to WRITE them, to get them out of her head, I think. I fully understand that!

Our family is musical in one way or another, out of generations long past, and quite obviously into upcoming generations. It’s just the way we are, and we love it.


Here’s the song that Wesley wrote. He says that the space at the end wasn’t supposed to happen. He meant for the whole thing to LOOP. He’ll be fixing that.

In the meantime, here’s the Story, as he told it to me today, that will someday be part of the…”Unknown Game” that Isaiah and Harry are definitely creating! Wow!

NOTE: Read it fairly slowly, at an even pace, and you’ll be amazed by the end of both the music and the story. 😀

– – – – – – – – – –

“You’re walking, and you come to a cave, and go in it. Then, you’re like, “I shouldn’t be in here.” Then all of a sudden, you look back at the cave entrance, and there’s a bat…a GIANT bat! All of a sudden, you have laser guns that just appear in your hands. Then you start shooting. Then the bat explodes, and you escape.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Go, Wesley! More to come, I’m sure!  ❗  😀 

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