Quick-Sketch Journal

After participating in Inktober-Classic 2021, and creating a drawing for every scheduled “prompt,” I decided that I didn’t want to get out of the habit, but that I won’t be doing the “canned” version for either the Inktober 52 (which is a drawing for every week in the year), or future “classic” versions of the regular Inktober.

Instead, I’ve chosen to begun a Quick-Sketch Journal. When I’m sitting and listening to/watching YouTube videos (usually Christian music, sermons, or study topics), I have begun just picking up a pen or pencil to draw a scene I just saw on my monitor, or in the room around me. I’ve started a bunch of drawings since 11/01/2021, but not all of them have reached a finished state. Some of those have been trashed. Others are still waiting (in various places) for them to catch my eye and inspire me once again, to do that particular drawing.

Quick-Sketch #1 (11/03/2021)
Inspired by…
“Bouquet on a Boulder”
Photo by Gary Minish

Quick-Sketch #2 (11/20/2021)
Inspired by…
“Storming the Pass”
Photo by Gary Minish

Quick-Sketch #3 (01/17/2022)
Inspired by…
“Windy Peak”
Photo by Gary Minish

NOTE: This is a pencil drawing, and without thinking, I used a textured drawing pad, and then I forgot to use a napkin to shield already-drawn items (as in the trees close to center), so there’s a lot of “noise in the picture. The pencil sketch, itself, looks soft, but more clear than this scan. I also didn’t try to get the soft clouds being blown into the frame, from behind the mountain peak. On the other hand, the unintended blurriness around the trees, rather suggests that the wind might be blowing a bit.  😆 

Quick-Sketch #4 (07/21/2023)
Inspired by…
“Highway Vapors”
Photo by Gary Minish

NOTE to Gary, on His Birthday–

Hey, “little brother!” I drew this starting before Christmas 2022, and finished it on January 19, 2023, then never got it sent. So I’ve been saving it to send it (the real deal) to you after David framed it. He’s been about run off his feet helping a ton of people around here, after not being able to even use his shop until after about the middle of March, due to the cold temps (he just has a portable heater out there)…so it never has been framed. He has all the materials…just hasn’t been able to get to much of anything except necessary household and vehicle repairs.

Here it is, scanned into and then framed in PaintShop Pro. The actual size of the ink drawing is 8.5 x 5.5 and hopefully it will get to you in physical form, sometime before this coming Christmas (along with something else for THIS year).

Quick-Sketch #5 (August 2023)
Inspired by…
the White Butterflies Outside my Bedroom Window

NOTE: 10/31/2023…
I HAVE made other quick sketches, which I will round up and post here at some point. Also, I did choose to do INKTOBER 2023, but haven’t quite finished it. I still have nine more drawings to go, to complete that project.

More to Come

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