Liz’ Art

Liz (Elizabeth Nadine Francy) is nearly 9 years old. She has been drawing since she was tiny (as with most of her siblings). She started drawing these ducks the day before her sister Abbi began drawing eagles everywhere. 😀

One thing that I want to point out (that also applies to Abbi’s Eagles), is that NOBODY in this family (you can read about us on my HOME page) has ever given any of the children special art lessons. They are simply given materials. If they ask specific questions about methods we provide basic answers, but the ideas and ultimate techniques are always up to them–from their own imaginations.

The history behind this artwork, is my brother Gary’s photo that presently can only be found on his Facebook page. I have permission to post any photos of his that I would like, as long as I give him full credit, so there’s a small version below, but you can go see his posted original (which is still not his actual original in its full, digital glory), by clicking on the link below:

“Multiple Mergansers”

“Multiple Merganser” (by Gary Minish–Copyright 2021)
Used with Full Permission by my brother: Gary Minish.

You’ll notice that the water in Liz’ drawing is a little haphazard. After seeing the completed drawing (which was done COMPLETELY with ink markers…no pencil drafts), I HAVE promised her some pointers for both painting and drawing water. Knowing her, that’s all that will ever be necessary.

You’ll also notice that she used two half-pieces of drawing paper. If I’d had any idea when she started drawing, what she was going to accomplish, I would have made sure she had a WHOLE piece of paper to begin with. Next time…

Here is Liz’ version of Gary’s photo.

“Multiple Mergansers”
Drawn by Elizabeth Nadine Francy
(Copyright 09/23/2021)

NOTE: I’ll be adding more of Liz’ artwork as time rolls on. 😀

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