Official 2023 Prompt List
1. DREAM     2. SPIDERS     3. PATH     4. DODGE
5. MAP     6. GOLDEN     7. DRIP     8. TOAD
9. BOUNCE     10. FORTUNE     11. WANDER
12. SPICY    
13. RISE     14. CASTLE
15. DAGGER     16. ANGEL    
18. SADDLE     19. PLUMP     20. FROST

24. SHALLOW    
27. BEAST     28. SPARKLE     29. MASSIVE
30. RUSH     31. FIRE

*** Copyright Information ***
I have drawn all of these entries by hand,
then I scanned them to be used here.
Captions were added to the drawings in Paint Shop Pro 2023.
All drawings belong solely to me (Linda A. Wingfield),
and are copyrighted according to the individual dates.
Please do not use any of them without my permission,
which can be obtained by use of the Comment form.
*** Thank You ***

NOTE #1: I might get a day or two behind now and then, but I’ll be doing all 31 drawings, and will post them all here, in chronological order

NOTE #2: If you want to see a larger version of any drawing, you can hover over it until you see the pointing finger, then click, and the drawing will open up in a new tab. THIS page will stay up, waiting for you to return from the drawing enlargement.

NOTE #3: All the drawings are done with water soluble ink, using fine-point art pens. For pictures like the #3 entry (PATH), I draw everything, then use one of my water brushes to lightly smooth the ink to the overall texture I’m seeking. No water paints are used.

NOTE #4: As of Drawing #13, I have begun using a different type of (still water-soluble) double-tip ink pen. One end is fine-point, and the other end is a small, pointed brush (NICE).

I’m not going “typecast” here. I’ve chosen to take the ancient meanings (shown below) and use them as we would in a typical English-speaking parlance during this day and time. There are links below, that will describe more about the original Hebrew (angel) or Greek (demon) words, if you’d like to do some research on your own, in those regards. As for these sketches, however, I will be using the following definitions:

ANGEL — מֲלְאָךְ
Transliteration: malak

Phonetic Spelling: (mal-awk’)
Definition: A MESSENGER


DEMON — δαιμόνιον

Transliteration: daimonion
Phonetic Spelling: (dahee-mon’-ee-on)
Definition: AN EVIL SPIRIT, A DEMON*da-


The next drawing is totally done in INK, on 1/4″ graph paper, which I use, often, to create ACTUAL cross stitch patterns, which are MAPS to use, to create the actual cross stitch projects. If I were to stitch this one, I would probably stitch on a fabric with a much smaller scale, so the word MAP would look just like this, but would be smaller, and would be on any variety of a colored background.

01/02/2024 — I stitched the pattern, scanned it, then inserted the scan below the drawing, just for fun.

MAP–Actually Stitched

Scratched Into a Small Piece of Black Scratch-Board

I am WAY late in getting the final INKTOBER 2023 prompts drawn and posted. On October 31, I posted the #20 prompt. Since that night, I have been defending Dan Vasc‘s choice of using the Iron Maiden song “The Number of the Beast” from the album of the same name, as his Halloween offering–only the second release after his April 7, 2023 release of “Amazing Grace”.

The Song that came out on May 12, 2023, is not on Dan’s channel. It’s on Ricardo Confessori’s YouTube channel. Ricardo wrote the music, and Dan wrote the lyrics and sings them in the video. That video can only be found on the Confessori channel. It’s called “Where the Eagles Fly.” The lyrics Dan wrote are in the Description for that video. They mention drinking from “the fountain that never runs dry.

The Iron Maiden Song that Dan covered (The Number of the Beast), was written about a nightmare that the drummer had had, after he had seen a horror movie. In the dream, a terrible beast was after him, and he couldn’t rid himself, even after waking up, of those moments. The song talks about him trying to shake off the awful fear, and trying to figure out if it was just a stupid dream…or was it REAL?! At the end of the song (which is the end of the DREAM), the “beast” screams at him that he can’t escape, and that he will return, cause him to BURN, and take over everything, by using the “number of a man…666).

In the book of Revelation, where the opening phrase is found, the use of that number indicates that the devil NEEDS mankind to get back any of the power that Jesus (the LAST Adam) took AWAY from Him, when He died (ONCE, FOR ALL) on the cross, then he TOOK AWAY the keys of death and hell from the devil, then resurrected HIMSELF, and (after fully identifying himself AS the risen Savior to His disciples and friends, He then took His own blood (since He had become the final sacrifice, of the PERFECT Lamb) to the Mercy Seat at the Throne of God (the Father) in Heaven. Holy Spirit (who is EVERYWHERE) remained on Earth to live in God’s people. He’d always been there, AS WELL AS being in Heaven, and He always WILL be here with us, as well as being in Heaven.

That blood (the blood of the LAST Adam), the result of THE FINAL SACRIFICE UNDER THE LAW, and therefore FULFILLING THE LAW, presented at the Mercy Seat, bought back for ALL OF US, the original inheritance God had given to the first MAN (Adam). Adam and Eve passed on their own guilt to the devil, who accepted their authority on earth, and has been trying to utterly destroy it and God’s people all this time since then. However, when Jesus said, on the cross, just before He died, “It is FINISHED!” what He meant was that that curse had been broken. Period. Once. For ALL.

The Iron Maiden Song “The Number of the Beast” is about the fact that the devil no longer HAS the authority to do anything but kill, steal from, and otherwise destroy God’s people…through LIES. If we know and understand that, we can stand strongly AGAINST those lies, through the name of Jesus, that is greater than ALL other names, and that NEVER LOSES. God ALWAYS wins. Jesus reclaimed our authority and inheritance for us, a LONG time ago, now.

The devil can only scream LIES at people, that he is coming back, and when he does, that he will take mankind’s NUMBER OF AUTHORITY IN GOD (666) back (remember…it was removed from him through what Jesus did). He wants it back, and so he screams out that he will take it and burn us up in the process.

Dan’s point in singing the song, is that though the devil is REAL, and he can scream all sorts of things at us, he CANNOT get that authority back…Jesus FINISHED the “recall” of that power, ONCE…for ALL! Still…some people, in this day and age, don’t understand that. If they even think about it all, they think the devil CAN do it. That’s what the following scriptures, and this drawing, are about.

All of that said, I wasn’t even thinking about all of that, when I used the phrase “The King of the Beasts” to try to find a good picture of a roaring lion that I could draw as Prompt #27: BEAST.

I looked online for several hours, and had just about given up, when the following drawing (by someone else, from who knows when or where) popped up, and made me sit up straighter, take a second look, and then go find the picture of Dan Vasc singing “The Number of the Beast” that is now on his channel signifying his 243rd video there.

Can you see the similarities in the photograph and the drawing? They still keep amazing me!

Before I started drawing, I looked up the scriptures that are shown here with the scan of my drawing (which is my hand-drawn COPY of the free-to-use drawing I had found, that was titled, “LIKE A BEAST!).

1 Peter 5:8 (AMPLIFIED)…
Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around LIKE a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour.

Rev. 5:5 (AMPLIFIED)…
Then one of the [twenty-four] elders said to me, “Stop weeping! Look closely, the Lion of the tribe of Judah [PRAISE], the Root of David [JESUS], has overcome and conquered! He can open the scroll and [break] its seven seals.”

Genesis 49:9-10 (AMPLIFIED)…
Judah is a lion’s cub; from the prey, my son, you have gone up. He stooped down; he crouched as a lion and as a lioness; who dares rouse him? The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.

This final drawing is based on the opening screen on Dan Vasc’s cover video of “I See Fire” (which is a song from Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”).

I had actually done the drawing very slightly further into the video, immediately after the song starts playing, which gave me a tiny bit of a different perspective to Dan’s face. I was trying to capture the whole scene, with the fire looking the way it did in the screenshot below the scan of my drawing.

I had drawn the whole thing on an off-white sheet of drawing paper, intending to fill in the black background, but I couldn’t get the fire and the words right, so I changed plans. Instead of using the off-white background, I used a smaller sheet of heavier-weight black paper that I had on hand, and VERY CAREFULLY cut out Dan’s already-drawn face (with which I was basically pleased), and carefully glued it to the black paper. I had to trim the bottom of his shirt off a bit, in order to fit the drawing correctly at the top right corner on the black paper.

I liked how that worked, but then…how would I represent the fire and the words? I again searched online, and quickly found a sketch of four different flames, on Pixabay, in their free vectors section, printed them, and then drew two sets of them…SO easy with my newest set of dual-tipped, water-based ink pens that I bought for this year’s INKTOBER project. Then I carefully cut out each flame, experimented a bit with stacking them to get the effect I wanted, then glued each on to the black paper, using that basic pattern.

Then…hmmm…That didn’t really leave the way for the same lettering used on Dan’s start screen. Instead, I went smaller, and found a fancy font in my HUGE computer fonts library, that I liked, printed the words in the size I needed, drew them, then glued them to the black background, spacing them like sparks flying from the fire…or at least that was the idea. I’m pretty pleased with the whole decoupage effort, in the end, even though it wasn’t at all what I had envisioned, early on.

For one thing, I wish I had an appropriate color of drawing paper to have made Dan’s face more natural, but I decided that even if I had, I really did NOT want to take all the time and effort to draw him again, right at that point, so…I’m pretty well satisfied with the end result. I have the drawing on display on the cupboard in which I keep most of my drawing supplies, across the (very small) room, behind my computer chair. It seems appropriate there.  😀


With that final effort,
what I have decided to call
is now complete.

[ Relates to Scriptures on this Page + The Completeness of this Page ]

…to read more about this beautiful song,
in a personal note from Tom.

11 Replies to “INKTOBER 2023”

    1. Hi, Rosie! I love yours, too. So do my daughter and my sister, now. We were all chatting in here by my computer tonight, and looking up things on the internet (we’re always researching stuff), and I showed them your entries so far.

      Judi (daughter) is doing it this year, too. She’s really good and QUICK. Also, her older daughter (Liz, who will be 11 in November) is doing it, AND she’s caught up…better than either her mom or me.

      I told Liz I’ll scan hers and put them here on my website, too. Here’s a link to a drawing she did almost exactly two years ago…

      Also, her little sister Abi (or Abbi — depending on her mood) who is only six, now, and was only four when she drew these eagles…

      1. I love that! My youngest Levi (5) is also really into arts (and crafts), but he’s not currently participating. Oh and thank you for showing your family my work too, I really appreciate that 🙂

  1. You are welcome! Arts and crafts of just about any type, here, too, for the whole crew. Not everyone does the whole thing, but there are supplies for everything, so that anyone can try anything. Liz, especially, LOVES clay. We have coloring books, colored paper, paper clips, crayons, pencils, waterpaints, etc., etc., etc., plus four computers in the main (very small…sigh) computer room, and two computers back here in David’s and my in-law area.

    Most of David’s craft stuff is out in his (wood and metal) shop (attached to the garage), though he uses his computer and his Cricut Joy for his t-shirt designs, etc. My room is jam-packed with my knitting stuff, art stuff, and computer.

    My daughter (Judi) does a TON of stuff, as do I. Judi has two Etsy shops:


    Poly Trinkets…

    1. Hi, Elissa! Thank you so much!

      I just re-scanned the DRIP (#7) drawing, with a different scanner, so that it’s much more accurate in color and orientation, now. I’m also going to re-scan the others, because I didn’t realize how “off” the coloring was on the previous scans. (sigh)

      I am trying to get caught up, and will be adding more, soon. Did you take a look at either of the older two groups?

      I’m thinking I may add all three of these INKTOBER efforts to my own Instagram account. I hadn’t been spending a lot of time there, but “since Dan,” I have been, more. I’ll probably wait to do it until after October is over, though. Things are extremely busy right now, and I haven’t been able to do both INKTOBER and get my usual weekly video posted for Grandma’s Got Grace, which is important to me, as well.

      Have you see that channel?

      I also have Grandma’s Gone Gaming (since 2015). I haven’t spent any time on there lately, though, with everything else being so busy.

  2. Dear Linda,

    I am truly captivated by your impressive “Inktober” series, showcasing your extraordinary talent in capturing diverse themes with intricate ink paintings. The depth and creativity you bring to each piece are truly commendable.

    Your dedication to hand-drawing each entry and then adding captions in Paint Shop Pro highlights the meticulous effort you put into your work. The diverse themes, ranging from “SPIDERS” to “ANGEL” and “DEMON,” showcase not only your artistic skill but also your ability to convey powerful messages through your art.

    I value the thorough notes you’ve provided, offering insight into your artistic process, material choices, and the meaningful connections you establish with the prompts.

    As I am a great admirer of Dan Vasc, I particularly appreciate your explanation of the biblical references in the drawing “BEAST,” which you dedicated to this fantastic singer, who can be found on YouTube, and his epic Iron Maiden cover, “The Number of the Beast”. This adds an additional layer of depth to your already thought-provoking artwork. This drawing also portrays Dan Vasc’s beautiful and powerful voice.

    The decoupage effort in your final drawing “Fire”, inspired by Dan Vasc’s “I See Fire,” is truly unique and showcases your adaptability and creativity in experimenting with different techniques.

    Thank you for sharing your remarkable talent, and congratulations on completing “Inktober 2023”! Your dedication and passion shine through each piece. I look forward to seeing more of your incredible work.

    Best regards,

    1. Lydelith! I love you so much! I’m sitting here in tears, because you have blessed me HUGELY. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think you have made my entire YEAR! HUGS!

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